Monday, June 29, 2009


So, Trixie, Genna and Wei Bao are back for hols! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

But since i'm grounded, aiyo dunno whether can meet up with them or not =/

I can't go Cheer =( I'm ok with it la but wanted to see KDU ppl =(

I can't even go play tennis after college =( DAMN SAAAAD. I srsly feel like hitting tennis balls.

Haha i know my previous post a bit O.O but hahaha what to do i'm like that laaa.

I dunno why, but it's like we (S1) keep bringing up Langkawi. The focus is not on Langkawi, but more on the fact that we're already thinking about our year end hols when we haven't even gone through out trials. ahha. Kai Ping brought up Sipadan (sp?). AIYO AS LONG AS GOT SUN AND BEACH THEN CAN D =D

I think i'm definitely one of those ppl who work better doing hands-on work. I learn better la and haha i'm sure i won't fall asleep. HAHA.

Which is why i actually wanted to do culinary. Hahaha i bet ure going 'not surprising XD' No la i really wanted to do culinary cos i had a passion for it. But my parents didn't allow. Ok i can't remember exactly whether they sd no, but i definitely remember my mum telling me kitchen work is very hard and u have to start from the bottom, difficult to get a job, difficult to do well bla bla bla(which is very discouraging and ya it's kind of a no). I always tell myself if i love what i do, hard also nvm, but haha my parents don't have faith in me concerning that cos i've never done anything to prove that. Cos what i love is like... sports and all, stuff that can't be written in black and white and are considered more of hobbies which are not relevant to my future career =/

I mean, i srsly enjoy hands-on work la. Like if u were a fashion designing student, i don't think u'd do so much reading and memorising and calculating O.O U'd be sketching and sewing! Culinary student u'd be in the kitchen. Aiyo the point is, i'm not a book-study person man =.=

Sometimes i wish i had insisted harder on doing culinary. But i think what held me back was the nagging in my head telling me that i probably wouldn't be successful at the time my peers would be earning lots of money.

Sometimes i wonder what i would be doing now if i took the diploma in architecture (can't remember exact name). I'd be so much more.. 'armed' with info regarding architecture. Which i think i'd prefer to compared to SAM =.= I hope me deciding to do architecture will be one of the right decisions i make in my life.

But i have never taught myself to look back. I mean i can't do anything abt it d right? All i can do is work hard now and see where it takes me.

I wanna see the retractable roof in action man. Go built then haven't use. They should just use it for one of the matches eventhough it's not raining XD


Sparky XD

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