Sunday, June 14, 2009

We went to watch Blood: The Last Vampire on fri.

Uhhhhhh. It was ok la but the scenes were quite fake. The action scenes were good la. I mean the lfying here flying there with the leaves swirling around =/ HAHA.

Omg we went to like 2 optical shops and started trying the sunglasses XD hahah it was fun.
Me and Joanna.

I dunno why but i could only get this pic =( The rest were like gone. NOOOOOO.

Its like 7-ish already but i haven't done any work. SURPRISE SURPRISE =O

I'm worried abt the esl presentation. Sigh. Since mine is on fri, if i don't do it earlier, i'll be juggling both phy report and the presentation. I CAN'T.

Carmen, Ben and Matt came over yesterday night. Wanted to go watch a movie but hahaha i was/am grounded. WOOOHOO watched shopaholic and fired up. hahah it was fun =D


Went to see this acupuncture lady today. She's like DAMN good. Like she totally knew everything about our health conditions. Cos my mum knows what problems she has and the lady knew all of them =/ SO COOL. Won't elaborate.

I like facials. Too bad the extraction part hurts. hahahahaha like i have to clench my fists to tahan it. Real hard. GO TRY THEN U KNOW LA =D

Eh i totally forgot practical test is on tue. Sigh =/
Sparky XD

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