Thursday, June 25, 2009


I feel so much better the past few days =)

As in haha i feel more organised with everything. YAYYYYYYYY.

Even if u don't watch Wimbledon, go watch ch813 COS RIGHT, they keep showing Rolex ads with Roger Federer in it =) =) =)

Lab during chem today was a bit chaotic. AHHA cos hardly anyone printed out the procedures. But it was quite fun laaa.

Me: EH HOW TO MEASURE THE TEMPERATURE?! (i meant like stir while the thermometer was with the stirrer or what la)
Victor: With the thermometer.

I'm photogenic meh?? It's not a lansi thing but i srsly don't think so. As in i hardly think i look nice in pics =/

Today is Ian's bday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN =D Hahahh ure definitely annoying at times (what a way to wish u right XD) but ure also one of my closest friends and someone i can count on. I LOVE our laughing moments (which are VERY often) and hahahha i'll always miss the times where we go crazy ahahaa =D Oh, and ur FUNNY jokes.

What is the sister's or transformers?

I LAUGHED. Too bad when Ian tried to tell it to my classmates they were all =.=


Megan Fox damn pretty XD I sound so lesbo. HAHA. Is she a transvestite or not?? Even if she was, i wouldn't think of her that way la. I mean, she doesn't look like a man also =/ and she's like, super pretty. HAHA.

Yay i slept in the afternoon today =) so nice.

Sparky XD

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