Monday, June 22, 2009


Watching Two and a Half Men now. I LOVE IT. hahaha it's like so funny. Especially the kid, Jake XD

OMG we finally got the Transformers tickets!!! OMG OMG OMG. Thanks to Harin, Shak and Tze Hong. WOOHOOOOOOO!

Watched Joanna and Kenn Joe present today. I dunno why, but we all found Kenn Joe's presentation fun to discuss about =)

The swine flu thing is seriously getting out of hand! The van uncle who fetches my brother to school got home quarantined today cos he fetched a girl who got back from Aus. My friend has classmates who are home quarantined. My friends know ppl who are quarantined. SO MANY MAN O.O Just so u know, i took a vaccine for it. Just now. Near my hse. Ask me abt it if u want. RM60.

Hahahah ss wants our campus to close down for like a day.

I went you-tubing till 3am ytd. AHAHHAH.

Which is probably the reason why i couldn't really open my eyes during phy class. EH. Omg the topic is quite the boring ok. Waves. Just 32975203 times more detailed than in form 5. =.=

I never played facebook games. Haha but i started this week. First it was Restaurant City. Then today at The Web, my classmates and i started playing Typing Maniac, then i played Guitar Geek. AHHAHA FUNNNNNNNN.

OMGGGGGGG. WIMBLEDON STARTS TODAY. =D =D =D OH AND U KNOW WHAT? nadal is out. MUAHAHAH. Ok la it's actually super sad that he's the defending champion and he's not playing =/ But then federer has a bigger chance of winning =D GO FEDERER!!! All the white outfits and green grass =)

I think i'm quite happy with today. ahaha. I mean i did work. Yay me.

How come like that one=S

Sparky XD

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