Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just got bombed by a bomb bigger than a nuclear bomb



This is one of the WORST things that has ever happened to me.


IM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING WORK NOW. But i have to let it out la. Dunno what to let out also.


It's never been this bad before =( And it's not even the end of it.

I mean, NEVER. I used to know what was right and what was wrong. I mean i really knew, but now i'm so lost! Like srsly. Somehow i see things differently now, which by looking at what's happening cos i'm seeing things differently, it's not good.

This past half year has definitely been a roller coaster ride (haha cliche but true), full of bittersweet moments. I'm having more fun, but i'm having to deal with the more serious consequences. I think i'm in dire need of someone who will tell me what i'm supposed to do to make things right and what's wrong with me.

Wait. I don't need la actually. Cos I KNOW what i'm supposed to do and what's wrong with me. =/ SADLY LA.

I think i need someone to punch me in the face.


I happen to be one of those ppl who believe things happen for a reason. Like when something bad happens i'm like WHY LA. Then i think abt why it happened and maybe i'm supposed to learn something from it. Sometimes.

So maybe me being in S1 and having fun and experiencing so much stuff is like a challenge. To prove that i can handle it la.

I'm such a disappointment =/ to everyone =(

I think im a needy and whiny person. HAHAHA. Next time if i ever get a bf. Die d XD Is it surprising at all that i've never had a bf? I mean i don't see myself having a bf =/ Not anytime soon la. Like i observe, and haha i don't think there are many guys who would like a girl like me. Too siao d. I'm quite skeptical abt the whole finding-someone-u-like-and-the-person-liking-u-back thing. Of course u might feel stuff with someone la, but being together as a couple requires so much more. WALAU WHAT AM I TALKING ABT T.T

WHY ARE MY POSTS SO EMOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But i think blogging abt it helps alot. Knowing that i've thought abt it. And typing it out always gives me time to think. I find talking abt it hard also la.

I srsly do not recall life being this hard. Maybe it's because now there is so much more at stake when u make decisions. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Ok maybe i do need someone to support me and tell me what i should do. MINUS THE NAGGING AND SCREAMING =/

Dont think i can sleep tonight.


I've never felt so stressed out. Abt college, family, myself. Which is everything =/


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