Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eh i was thinking la, and i'm such a horrible person!!! haha. No. Seriously.

It's like i always gossip abt ppl man. And like, aiyo. It's damn evil. And i'm such a hypocrite. NOOOOOOO. One day i'll definitely go 'dai sei' to myself.

My mum upgraded our streamyx thingy to 4 mac or smt. DAMN FAST MAAAN. hahah i dl songs so fast XD

I just dled like 20 MJ songs i think. SO FAAST.


Lab today was fun. But it was a total failure. HAHHA. Cos we didn't even know what to do!! And the changing electrolytes parts was just plain annoying cos the lead sulphate, magnesium sulphate and zinc sulphate were all colourless =/ ahhaha. HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE U TELL ME. Don't tell me to label cos haha i was lazy =)

Skipped moral today =O hahha. Went to Mcd with wei seong, kim, kai ping and yit guan. I so like having convos man. it's like, exchanging different points of view =D

Situation: An average girl goes after this guy who doesn't like her in that way at all. I mean she's not aggressive la just like she does those little things. Would the guy eventually like the girl?

I dunno la we were talking abt it, but to me the chances aren't that high. As in of course it's possible but the amount of time the guy will take to be touched and actually like the girl enough for something to happen would be awhile.

Ok face or body of the opposite sex is more important?

hahahah. Kim sd for now guys will think face is more important but next time they'll think bodies are more important. Cos she sd u can get bored of the face.
Ok to me i don't think i'd get bored of someone's face la. I've been looking at my brother's face for 15 years. If i can't get bored of that face, i don't think i'll get bored of anyone else's face XD
I mean, i think i'd get comfort from looking at a familiar face that i know so well =) Like u know what expression's gonna come next when u say smt.

But we all agreed on one thing: Personality is still the most important. haha. I mean how can u stand the most beautiful person in the world if the person like, stinks? (U KNOW WHAT I MEAN XD) I wouldn't be able to la. It's like even if the guy was super handsome, if i don't like his attitude, his looks wouldn't matter. That's why Federer will always be the best XD ahhahaha.

Sei gan d la i didn't do work today =( NOOOOO.

Yer i kinda wanted Dementieva to win. But it was a close match and they both played well so go Serena =) She's funny.

YES RODDICK WON =D ahhaha. I want him to beat Murray. But it's gonna be hard.

Safina is down 5-0. I think it's gonna be a Williams finals again this year. 5-0?!?!?!

FEDERER!!! BEAT HAAS =D Then i can watch u Sunday night with my friends =D And cheer for u with tjen and carmen =D

Go dl Trouble is a Friend- Lenka

Sparky XD

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