Saturday, June 6, 2009


So Alia Shira and Emeera are going to NZ tmr =( I'm gonna miss them.

Alia celebrated her 18th bday at The Terrace/Mystery Bar at The Curve.

Calvin, Matthew and Kenneth.

Carmen, Joey and Ch'n-Wen (tcw)

Tcw, Carmen and me.

Tcw, Bday girl (Alia) and me.

Sam, Me and Joey.


Sam pouring uhhhhhh something.

Shira, Emeera, Joey, Tcw, Me, Ian and sammmm.

Shira, Carmen, Joey, Tcw and me.

Carmen, Joey, Benjamin, Tcw and me.

HAHA. Joey and Ian.

Ma, Tjen and Wan ru.

Tcw, Tjen and Wan ru.

Matthew, Tcw, Sam, Carmen and Joey. I like this pic =P

Ian, Carmen, Joey and Tjen,

Joey and Tjen.

Matthew and me.

Carmen and Wan ru. STUPID IAN XD

Me and Wan ru.

Ben, Me, Tcw and Joey.

Me and Tcw. I like taking pictures with Ch'n-wen. HAHAHA.

Me and Tjen. *cough* take 91385698136531.

Joey, Tcw, Me, Matthew, Wei Ken, Ian, Calvin and Kenneth. Eh only one picture of wei ken.
Was fun =D Caught up with everyone. WOOHOOO.
Can't wait to go back to college tmr!!! Minus the getting-results-back part XD
Was telling Wei seong that day that usually i really look forward to my bday every year, but then this year not really la. Cos right, if i look forward to my bday, it means looking forward to the end of the year, which will mean finishing college =( which means... AIYO U KNOW LA. =D
Federer u rock XD
Sparky XD
P.s. There was another post before this that i posted 5 min ago.

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