Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sigh, i didn't really study this weekend =( NOOOOO. Hahah my mum has loosened her wrath on me. Not so sure it's a good thing. ahhah.

On a totally different note, i think korean boybands are better than taiwanese ones XD hahaha they can dance and sing better man. Like Super Junior =D AHHA. I was/still never a big fan but i don't mind watching them la. Cos they tend to be a bit.. girly. The hair and the clothing la =/

BoA is like a super geng dancer man. Hahah i mean if u look at a video and the artist is better than the background dancers, the artist is good XD

U know when ppl are in love and they say sweet things like 'I've never loved someone so deeply in my life.' Isn't it supposed to be like that? I mean yala ppl mean it but they say it as if the person they love, is the only other person in the world that happens to be loved so deeply by. Hahah i guess that IS the point la, to make the person feel special =D Which is what u're supposed to do. Don't get me wrong, i wasn't trying to say that there's no point saying it, i was just thinking abt it XD

Cos right, isn't the person u're currently with supposed to be the person u're SUPER DEEPLY in love with = person u've MOST deeply loved before? If ur answer is no right, then like.. HUH?!

Oh, and i've noticed that the majority of couples i see, the female usually looks better than the guy. HAHAHA. Aiyo not our fault la females looks better than males XD jk. No la so i was wondering how come? Why would such beautiful girls be with not-as-good-looking-as-them men? Maybe the guy has money. Or maybe the girls have been in a few failed relationships with very good looking guys (prob because they couldn't provide the girl with smt) that they try to look for guys with that particular smt their looking for instead of just looks.

Likeeee, hmmm i dunno la XD haha but who am i to judge relationships? I've never been in one also XD


Oh ppl, if u're currently trying to replace ur shoes, as in ure running/tennis/bktball/casual shoes are cacated d and u want new ones, u can try trading in ur old pair for a rebate of RM50/100/150 from any of the Reebok shoes with the rebate tag. I think only at studio r outlets. Not so sure XD

I find movies quite a big influence. I mean they always have a message to the audience. But unfortunately if u watch too many movies u might get confused. Like some movies say u can change ur destiny, but some movies say destiny chooses u (transformers). Then there are also some that say.. oops i can't think of anymore XD HAHA sry.

But i guess the same ones are usually, leaders are made not born, dying is easy but living is hard. Shit the list can go on forever. HAHAHAHA.

Ti Ti: Fen, when mummy ask if i play com say i play for a while only ok?
Me: ok.

Mummy: MING! Why are u playing the com? Fen, u left the com on is it?
Fen: No la. I haven't used it for like 2 days d.

*Ti ti comes down and faces my mum*

Mummy: Fen sd she didn't leave the com on.
Ti Ti: Yes, she did. *looks at me and winks*
Fen: I DIDN'T!

Then me and my brother proceeded with arguing and laughing. Then my mum started laughing also cos we couldn't even plan a lie properly. HAHAHA

I know u're not laughing.

Only yesterday i told Tjen that i was supporting Jankovic and Kuznetsova, then when i read the papers today, both got knocked out O.O

Tjen: Why didn't u say u support Ivanovic and Murray?

I better not jinx any more players=/

HAHA they sd that Marat Safin (left), Safina's(right) brother has broken US$150,000 worth of tennis racquets. US$200 for a racquet, and he broke abt 700 of them. He sd that's not alot O.O
And he's had like US$100,000 worth of disciplinary fines. WOOHOO.

HAHA. Siao d. Nonetheless, super fun player to watch =D

Sparky XD

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