Friday, June 19, 2009

I feel SO MUCH better =)

Physics report passed up! Aiyo but mine like so little compared to all the other ppl one =( It's like everyone exceeded the word count and mine like, was following the word count=(

ESL presentation done! Did it in 3 hrs. I made 'cue cards' but i didn't even use them so i ended up talking abt EVERYTHING i knew on the slide, which was, haha more than i intended to say. So overtime i think. Think it was ok =D

Ok, hahah WHAT is wrong with wearing my orange shoes with my dark blue & black outfit?!?!?! I like it =P

AND, my results, which is what i've been worrying abt for the past 2 weeks, reached my letterbox yesterday. I think my heart dropped (exaggerating) when i saw it. I'm gonna be stupid and admit i hid it. Because i just wasn't ready to let my mum see it. I already feel shitty abt it, so what is my mum gonna think?! I gave it to her this morning though, like right after she left the hse to go into the car (to fetch me to the bus stop), i left it on the table and went to the car.

U know why right? It's cos i wouldn't have to see her face when she sees the results, and face her wrath after XD

Aiyo, to me timing is everything la. It can totally change anything! Like, if i showed it to her when she was in a bad mood, i probably wouldn't be here typing this. Hahahaha. Applies to everything else la, u can definitely make things better or worse based on the timing it happens. I dunno what i'm talking abt.

ANYWAY. Haha i totally saw what was coming d. Her reaction i mean. =( But i'm definitely gonna do what i have to do to make things better la.

OH YA! Eh i don't think i'm gonna type so emo posts anymore. Some ppl (awww) ask me whether i'm ok and all. Thanks =) But i dunno la i feel quite like, i'm just menyusahkan-ing ppl with my problems.

SORRY NAT. Hahha cos i haven't been telling u the details and i don't blog abt it.

But that emo-post night, everything just happened at the wrong time (HAHA TIMING) la. I was supposed to be grounded for a month (haha dont ask me why), but my mum let me play badminton that night cos she was nice, so i went. 7-9. But i came home at 11. So YA =/ Her frustration from the days before that just accumulated and it exploded that night lo. AND i had phy to worry abt, AND esl AND my results. So ya looo.

Hahaha but i was ok d the next day (ytd). I think i'm quite thankful that i'm the type of person that let's things go the next day. Like something VERY bad could happen the night before, but the next morning i wake up, it's like a whole new day with a new beginning =D WOOHOO.

I haven't spoken to my mum yet. I mean after her seeing the results, so i shouldnt be feeling happy so soon. But sigh i feel much better!!!

I still wanna play badminton though =(

Oh and i missed the bus at 2pm. SHIT LA. Haiyo. Damn annoying waste my time only. Wanted to go home. YER.


Sparky XD

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