Saturday, June 20, 2009


EH. Rate my emo blog from 1-10. HAHAHA.

Was it THAT emo? hahahaha. Yer.

Not being perasan by assuming u ppl care, but haha i'm ok, ok? =D

But thanks for asking =P

Just had one of those bad times la =/

I mean, everyone has bad days right? You can't be happy every single moment of ur life cos that'd be weird. Hahaha but that would be nice =)

Watched Obsessed just now with Ben, Matt and Carmen. It was creepy. YER. You will totally ate Ali Larter in this show man. Like you'll go WTH man.

My mum went for PTM today. I DID NOT want her to go ok. I didn't go la and thank goodness she didn't make me.


Aiyo my mum sd they all sd the same thing la. DOWNHILL. Like they sd i was good when i sat in front without friends (haha i remember i was quite lonely at the start), but then now ah, got friends d talk talk talk. HAHA. Oops. Pn Mahani sd she was impressed with me and thought i'd get better but, haha i didn't =/ Downhill all the way maaaaaaan.

Think all the teachers say this la, like aiyo ur daughter/son got potential to get A one, NO issue. AHHA easier sd then done man =/

I'm grateful my mum is handling it well. If i were her i'd have killed me, i think XD

I think at one point of our convo, it was almost like a case of me choosing btw friends and studies! SIAO MEH. I want both =/ TIME MANAGEMENT PPL!

OH YA. This has come up alot of times.

Go physio that time, physiotherapist say i very stressed out. Other incidents also implied that i'm under stress la.

Mummy: U all (me and my brother) stressed meh, what to get stressed about? Mummy different la working.

WHAT TO GET STRESSED ABOUT? Well, let's see. How about, EVERYTHING. hahaha. I find it funny that parents think we don't get stressed out =/

I mean, we have exams, we have to WORRY about the exams, we have work, we have to WORRY about the dateline, we have that crush, we THINK about what we're gonna do about that person, we have a gf/bf, we WANT to spend time with that person but we have work.

NOT STRESSED MEH???hahahaha.

I never answer that question. Cos ahaha if i were to answer, it'd probably take awhile =)

Ppl think that if u don't look stressed ure not stressed. HAIYOOOO. NO SUCH THING. I think ALOT of ppl have mastered the art of hiding what they feel. Woohoo, more ppl to figure out. haha i have no idea what i'm talking about XD

Ok, but ppl, never keep it in ok =D Talk to someone. It helps alot. REALLYYYYY.

Who's going for Cheer 2009? I wanna go! Yay wimbledon men's finals is on 5th of july also. SLEEPOVERRRRRRRRRRR =D

Sparky XD

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