Thursday, June 11, 2009


WA. Ok wanted to go watch Drag Me to Hell with Yit Guan they all but didn't have transport home =/ Anyway, i heard it was DAMN GOOD. So go watch it =D

Ok, they sd it was REALLY good. SO, GO WATCH IT XD

I seriously have nothing to blog abt lo =(

I mean, i'm still in a mess. SIGH.

Sales are going on now and i'm like O.O but i don't feel like going out cos of how i feel. Bigger sigh.

I FEEL LIKE DOING SOMETHING. Like let's say, watch a movie? sigh, anything will do to make me feel not restless. WHY AM I SO RESTLESS???

It's like i have LOTS and LOTS of stuff to gao dim (work and all) but somehow i feel like... their so far away!! I mean not in my grasp la. SHIIIIT.

Adrian: have u ever had a bf?
Me: No.
Adrian: Do u want one?
Me: Dunno.

I mean, hahaha i don't know if the question should be i want one or not, more like is there anyone? You have to like someone first right, and haha of course the person has to like u back. Somehow i think that's like, almost impossible. REALLY. If you think abt it la, isn't it like so difficult to find you like who likes you back? ahahha. But of course everyday you see couples around, so ya i guess it isn't as impossible as it seems.

hahaha i seriously do not know the point i was trying to make XD

Does acupuncture hurt?

Sparky XD

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