Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just watched Masterchef :D hahaha too bad they don't have it in msia XD it's like a super awesome cooking show lo!!! and they totally bring tasting and eating to the next level O.O next level as in when they talk abt u can kinda um, tear? AHHAHA. but it's srsly cool la!!

So it's already week 8 in uni. WEEK 8 ALREADY WEI. siao. so fast!! i mean it's already may!! O.O soon i'll be back in july, then go back to uni, then end of the year d. omg!!! freaking old d lo! haahha ok im thinking too fast XD i mean im sure i'll be super busy with assignments and all lo =/ hmm.

this entry super lame lo O.O and it's super msian sounding. i dunno why ahhaha.

Oh it's starting to get cold here. like 15C during the day cold? and the winds here are, strong. but there are still ppl wearing shorts!!! srsly psycho d XD SOMEMORE i waited 45min for the bus =.= it's supposed to be every 15min ok. almost died in the cold hahaha.

and i dunno how many times this is going to happen to me, but i guess it's kinda like a wrong place at the wrong time kinda thing? but in my case it's um, wrong person at the wrong time? ahahahaa. ok i don't think that made sense. i mean, usually (ok slightly more often than 'usually') when i wanna meet someone, or wanna get to know someone, or ok la to be more general, when i want smt, and i TRY, like i really try to make it happen, it DOESN'T work?? most of the time i just end up getting disappointed =/ haha.

but when i stop trying (ok no completely stopped, but more like i 'go with the flow') it kinda like, goes the way i wantED (because like when i stop trying means im not interested in getting it d ma) it to go! srsly. i mean it's a good thing la in the end, but STILL, i mean it's like totally different from when u wanted it to happen than when, it's nice when it happens? DO U GET IT?? ahhaha.

ok gtg do assignment. BAI:D

Monday, May 3, 2010

So i woke up this morning, and i felt like crap =.= ok MAYBE it's because i only slept 1.5hrs on sat night, and i was up the WHOLE day ytd in uni for my elective. but i dunno la haha. it wasn't the omg-im-so-tired crap though, it was more likeee, im all alone and i dont have anyone? I DUNNO WHY. srsly. i wanted to not go uni and mope around, but ahha of course i still went for class:)

still fell asleep in lectures though =.=

I guess the day turned out better than i expected. ok i dunno why i didn't put a :) after that sentence. OMG i have no idea what im talking abt O.O but yala point is it turned out better. i guess that wasn't enough?

i have like another major assignment due next mon T_T omg my powerpoint skills super noob lo =.= and im worried the CD i burn cannot play in the uni's com cos mine's a mac =.=

do u think PMS could stand for permanent menstrual syndrome O.O

Friday, April 23, 2010


Ok it's been a really hectic week? srsly. like i slept at 4am on mon and tue, 2am on wed, and 5am ytd. finishing up my work. ok laa last min XD but still! sigh. i thought i'd feel MUCH more relieved after surviving this week, but noooo. next week's gonna be even worse. ahha. like i have a major assignment due on wed, a site analysis due on the same day, a field trp on fri, an assignment due on fri, AND to top it all of right, that same weekend, i have to be at uni form 10am-4pm on both sat and sun doing a individual task. OMGGGG. srsly. and they sd first year is easy? that means next year die d lo!!

Feels good after cleaning the bathroom XD ahhaha. gonna make tiramisu at night? like midnight night hahaha. hope it'll turn out well. at least tmr i have leon's hsewarming and a dinner :) maybe i'll loosen up abit? cos yea i've just really only been thinking abt uni haha.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Omggg the easter break is almost over :'(

And i haven't done any work. HAHA crap. I only haveee 4 days left of my holidays O.O OMG SO LITTLE. im super scared now :( and u must be thinking 'waa wanna die d still wanna blog.' hahaha yes i totally deserve getting nagged at XD but eh srsly lo, it's so difficult to START doing it :(

I dunno whether it's me being homesick or whatever, but all i feel like doing now is sitting in front of the com =/ as in, i don't feel like going to the kitchen, i don't feel like cleaning up (ok everything is NOT dirty ok haha), i dont feel like doing anything T___T

I dunno laaa, like at first i thought 'omg die d when i go aus, cannot take care of myself', then when i came here and everything was ok i was like 'eh quite easy lo.' but then now i think im kinda like 'what am i doing?' GAHHH. omg i have no idea what i'm talking abt.

I would post abt smt else, but i guess i dont wanna talk abt it =/

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sydney was fun :D

I learnt how to take the train, go for the Royal Easter Show, saw the Sydney Opera House, ANDDD learnt how to kill time while waiting for the next flight cos i missed the one back to Adelaide XD hahaha.

I couldnt wait to get back to adelaide, but the first day back, and i'm already dying of boredom HAHAHA. omgggg. like i've been watching HIMYM, time traveler's wife and i love you beth cooper (which happens to be the dummest movie EVER).

OH YAA. u all should totally go watch The Last Song. ahhaha cos of Liam Hemsworth :P haven't really gone OMG at every scene an actor's in sinceeee, i dunno when. HAHA tjen now i know how u feel when u watch zac efron in HSM :P And i like Miley Cyrus now hahahaa.

Going crabbing tmr. hope we'll catch crabs ahhaah.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ok. i was kinda hysterical just now.

cos ya im going to sydney. and i havent gotten the books from the library, that i NEED for my research. which means i might as well not consider them part of my sources d. cos by the time i get back from Sydney. i have to already be done with my assignment. OMG. and i need to collect smt next tue? and i'll still be in sydney. omg.

and the 4 hrs i spent on the model? wasn't even likee used. we only looked at it for 10secs. then can d. OMG. and i only got 1/2 and 1.1/2 for my prev 2 tutorials. that is SO BAD. and i got really depressed cos they were follow ups to my birdhide project. anddd since they sucked, MEANS GOT SMT WRONG LA WITH WHAT I WANNA DO. crap mannn.

i have alot to do during my break, or what they call a 'non teaching break' wtf man =.=