Tuesday, June 9, 2009


College was ok today.

Omg was like O.O during the first half of the day =/ BAD, VERY BAD.

Yay went to Starbucks today =D haha no la im not a psycho starbucks person but i like the place, it's ambience and all. HAHA TZE HONG BELANJA-ED XD

The least cool person among him, me and nam jhuen had to belanja. HAHA.

I think caffeine worked wonderfully on me today. HAHA cos i didn't feel sleepy AT ALL after lunch and class was fun. I didn't really think caffeine works cos when i drink coffee at night to keep me up studying, it doesn't work. hahaha.

Wanted to go home to play bktball but made last min rash decision to go watch a movie a pyramid.

Watched Fighting cos 17 again was full=( Yes, tjen it's a sign that i have to watch it with you and here you gush abt Zac Efron XD

I liked the movie. Read a review before and was not bad la. The conversations were nice and the fighting scenes were good. I mean i'd pick 17 again and Monsters vs Aliens over it but i didn't feel sleepy AT ALL through the whole show =D which is a good sign.

Omg way behind on watching movies. Hannah Montana (yes i wanna watch it), Monsters vs Aliens, Angels and Demons, 17 again. That's it for now. There's still Ghosts of Girlfriends past, Drag me to hell coming up =/

Feel better abt the exams thing. Not because i'm done realising my mistakes and all, but more to the side of realising that i NEVER want the numb feeling of doing badly to ever happen. And also knowing that i can't make up excuses anymore. I have to just get on with it =/

Haven't felt so down in awhile. As in DOWN DOWN, like sad and kind of emo-ish. hahaha getting frustrated and angry is like, not down, it's... side. HAHAHAHAHA DAMN LAME XD Ok ya but i'm glad i'm not alone la.

I realise that i like my alone time =D Not in an emo way la, haha. I mean when i go home, i like it when everyone's asleep(which is past 11 which is why i've been sleeping late) and i have the living room to myself. TV on, laptop on. Cos after college, i don't think it's nice when you have someone nagging at you to study or whatever (even when you know it's done for a good reason XD) To just like think abt the whole day i guess =/

Eh seriously lo, i've been thinking alot la i think, more than ever. I mean this year. Too much d. Like got so many stuff! Maybe i'm going through a phase =O the discovering the world phase. hahaha like i'm realising how i feel abt relationships, and like more sensitive abt stuff i think, priorities, and abt what i'm going to do. Because everything seems so unclear =(

WALAO EH DAMN LIKE EMO-ISH LO. I don't think emo-ish stuff. Ppl are ok, but other than that, no. If i reread this, i'd be like O.O so i don't. HAHA

Random thought. The last time i'd always worry abt like, when i do something (anything, from studying to sports to whatever) what if i get worse and worse, but then like now i tell myself, if i do worse than before, i'll be better the next time.

I wanna laugh and smile everyday =D =D =D Wait, i think i can do that XD I wanna make ppl smile too =P


Sparky XD

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