Monday, June 8, 2009


OMG. Worst first day of school EVER.

Really looked forward to college this morning. I mean haha get to see all of my classmates again XD

But i tell you now ah. SHIT SHIT SHIT. Like, what type of results did i get back? I can't even call them results weiiiii.

I mean, haha this is what i get for not studying =/


Pn. Mahani: Other classes got like 2, 2, 5 ppl fail, your class 14.

S1, we have to do something wei. SRSLY. Haha no im not implying that our class results are bad and i'm like 'yer so cha man' but we all know we can't finish our year like THIS. Don't tell me you want to fail.

Aiyo, we totally should brainwash each other la. hahaha. Now i understand pengaruh rakan sebaya XD I don't think we can do this by ourselves. So, we shouldn't =D

Sigh. Damn like =.= now

Sparky =/

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