Saturday, June 6, 2009

WHOA, Kuznetsova won the French Open. Poor safina =/ 6-4 6-2 somemore. Didn't get to watch the match cos went for Alia's party.

Pictures from Sarikei.

EH! Malaysia Airlines give Baskin Robbins ice cream. Siao d. And they got Ferrero Rocher somemore. FUIYOOO.

This is the view from my grandmother's hse.

Hahaha contrary to the popular sarawak=jungle belief, hahaha there ARE such things as shops there XD

Got bata somemore. HAHAHAHA. Ok la omg too sarcastic d. But no cinema la. So like i srsly had nothing to do =/ LIKE SRSLY. STONE THE WHOLE DAY IN MY GRANDMOTHER'S HSE. COs my cousins went back.

This is my grandmother's hse. The off-white painted top floor is the bird's nest place thingy.

THIS whole building is now a bird's nest thingy (haha production place la). I guess the swallows fly through the pipe entrances.

See got cctv to monitor the birds man. It's dark inside la and full of bird chirps and shit. ahha.

Ok, as you can see, there are like wood dividers on the ceiling. Well, the swallows make their nest at the sides of the plank. When the eggs hatch and the whole family leaves, they take the nest. Then, the swallows will come back again when they want to nest.

My dad knew i had a classmate in Sarikei la so he sd must go see.

Daddy: Must go see ur friend ah.
Fen: Yala drive pass only ma.
Daddy: No, must go and see.
Fen: HA?? FOR WHAT. Later ppl think why u want to go see him wo.
Daddy: Daddy want to see ur friend ma.

So we drove there la. i was like NO DADDY DONT NEED LA. But then he go stop the engine. HAHA. Luckily no one was at home. Sarikei srsly small town man, cos tze hong's hse only 5 min walk away from my grandmother's hse.

Ti Ti's sexy hairless leg. HAHAHAHAHA. He doens't read my blog.

OH, and we bought a solid wood chopping board. RANDOMMMMM.

My grandmother's cousin's dog. SO CUTE MAN.



I'll make a new post for Alia's party.

Sparky XD

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