Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hahaha luckily my uncle brought his laptop!

So, ytd and today was like the funeral stuff la. Saw a lot more relatives i've never seen in my entire life, uh haha?

The procedure is different here, so my mum says la, cos i've never been to a funeral before. Not that i WANT to go to funerals but just that i'm like in the dark abt the procedures and all.

Here, the body is left in the hospital instead of being brought back to the hse because they don't have the insulator to keep the coffin cool. And my aunt converted to a Christian 2 weeks ago but they still follow the traditional funeral, except with a Father. Also, ppl here can wear bright colours. Like srsly! Didn't see any red la but srsly, bright colours.

Woke up at 6.30am today to go to the cemetery and all.

The other thing i've been doing here is stalking Tze Hong. HAHA jk la.

I srsly am not sure if i passed by his grandfather's hse. He sd 'is it the white and blue hse with a lot of fruit trees??

HAHA and i sd i couldnt remember XD

Then he sd if it's the gigantic hse at the roadside then it's my grandpa'se hse.

I saw a gigantic hse at the roadside. But i still dunno if it's hse. HAHAHA.

Then my relatives all sd ASK FOR THE ADDRESS LA. Then i'm like O.O A bit paiseh la. haiyo

OH YAAAA. I come back this year to my grandmother's hse, and suddenly they upgraded the open air rooftop to another floor. And their gonna be like producing bird's nest. DAMN COOOL. I mean i like eating bird's nest but the cool part is where they put cctvs and all to monitor the swallows. HAHA.

And the weather here is damn hot. REALLY.


Sigh i'm looking forward to seeing everyone in college again.

Sparky XD

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