Thursday, May 28, 2009


This morning when i was still sleeping, my phone rang. It was Ian. I was like WHO THE HELL WILL CALL SO EARLY IN THE MORNING?! So i didn't pick up (ok i didn't know how to like stop the ringing la, my phone only one button! Press nothing happen).

Anyway, i checked the time. 11.15am. i was like SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. WHERE DID MY WHOLE MORNING GO?!?!?! Eh, it's like the latest i've ever woken up. I think. shit man.

Hahaha. Went to 1u with calvin, nam jhuen and wei chuen today. Walked around to look at stuff. I mean, sometimes i like walking around NOT planning anything. hahaha.

Viola class was, tiring =/ Had to change the way i hold it with my left hand. Grip with my chin till got headache!! HAHA SO LAME.

Aiyo, nothing to say la =/


Sometimes i wonder right, when i do something. Is it worth it?

I mean does buat baik dibalas baik really happen? cos like, life's not fair one ma XD

IM SERIOUS. Like sometimes eventhough ppl do good things, they never have happy endings =/

So like, anyway. Eventhough i seriously try not hoping (ok i dont dare hope la) for anything, but i think deep down inside i still want something in return to remind me why i'm doing it =/


Sparky XD

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