Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tennis again today at Tropicana with matthew. hahah damn fun =P

I didn't know there was a channel 816 for Roland Garros (french open) until likeeee ytd =( The WONDER i wasn't able to see Federer =( NOOOOO. I can srsly watch it 24/7 man! hahahaha.

FINALLY. I watched wolverine in the cinemas today. Hahaha i only got to catch some parts of the leaked version, so like it wasn't very nice. But i liked it in the cinemas XD

GAMBIT SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL =D I remember the last time when i watched the cartoons he had like red hair and goggle thing. And he had a cape. HAHA dunno whether i remembered correctly. BUT IN THE MOVIE THE CARDS WERE DAMN COOOOL.

I guess we're catching Terminator this fri. WOOHOO. Hahaha i have to say right, i never really watched any of the other 3 movies. HAHA. But it looks damn cool XD

I think i should try to go get the tickets tmr. Or not. Cos surely cannot confirm the number of ppl one. Should be ok la to get them on fri morning =/

OMG. I wanna get Vans!!! Hahahha. See how.

Sparky XD

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