Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shit You

The only thing i did for maths and spec maths today was try to stay awake. SERIOUSLY. That is another thing that is very difficult to do =P Been sleeping late for a few days d, and cos i've been staying back in school, havent been taking naps also. Considering the progress i make at night, i might as well go to sleep 0.0

Makes me wonder how i still have to run around the badminton court like a chicken. I dunno why i sd chicken. SO lame man it rained again today. Just like the last time there were about 5 of us but this time we had 2 umbrellas instead of jia yang's car. HAHA. And now i know that sharing an umbrella with a person who is significantly taller than you might not work as well XD

Haha, i'm stranded at the library. It's 6.33pm now. My mum was supposed to pick me up at 5pm then i told her 6pm then she sd 6.30pm but hahahah meeting holding her up=/ I'm all alone =( Hahahaha no la i'm not like pathetic and sad. Printed out stuff and yala=P

Omg, mid sem exams are next week 0.0 The good thing abt it is it's only 3 days, compared to our beloved SPM. The bad thing is, it's next week =P

I dunno why but yesterday i felt so weird. Like i suddenly felt like i needed all my buddies with me=( I mean, i haven't really been talking to them as much as i would like to. I used to call them almost everyday, more than once somemore, but now it's like cos of SAM and all, aiyoooo. so sad=( The funny thing is it's ONLY a phone call away =/ It's all about time management i guess.

I'm in a dilemma now. I haven't been going for viola class for the past 3 weeks! THREE OK. I didn't cancel any of them, my teacher did. But now i wanna cancel this week and next week's class! To study and cos of genting. Sigh, the things i do for our class =P joking. AIYO HOW?! My mum just told me i can't skip. Tmr one la, genting one should be ok. Sigh

Oh ya, i've talked about this before and like i'm saying it in a very like light way la. Hahaha, why do ppl like to pick on me?!!!! SERIOUSLY. And cos i'm in a good mood now i totally mean it in a curious way. Like only just now nj was like 'i'd fetch you if i have car, but buy me lunch' and he was like 'i always fetch my friends one and i never ask them, dunno why i like asking you.' and i was like WHYYY. In class also la like normal, wei seong and adrian they all. You ppl know what i mean =P

I'm wondering cos like you know me la, NEVER pick on ppl one, so i wouldn't know =P

I KNOW WHAT WE SHOULD DO NEXT. ICE SKATING. HAHA. I'm not good at it at all but aiyo, our class has to go XD

Was talking about it just now. When ppl scold me in like a stern and like naggy and loud voice, i only get angry, so like it doesn't really work on me, but somehow when the person doesn't scold (but talks in like normal tone), but is trying to send the same message that the person who was scolding is, i get all guilty and sad and like, ya. Haha. Seriously, the meaningful and soft way works on me maaan. Cos instead of getting angry a the person for being so siao and angry, i actually listen and take it all in.

Shit, the library damn cold. And i'm SURE i'm the dirtiest and stinkiest person here. HAHA. BET WITH YOU (i'm talking to myself cos there is no one i know here).

I like hitting tze hong and nj with shuttles XD

Sparky XD

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