Sunday, May 24, 2009


Was supposed to go Perhentian this week. But hahaha not going anymore cos Tjen's not going cos of the whole sex party thing. Did u ppl read abt it?

SO, this means i have the whole week free =/ NOOOO. I've gotten used to the whole staying in college till like 10pm that was quite hectic that now i i think i'll die of boredom if i have nothing to do.

It doesn't help that most of my non-classmate ppl are doing a-lvls O.O HAIYOOOO.

We should totally go catch Monsters vs Aliens, then Terminator when it's released this thurs XD

Oh, and we can do any other stuff also =P CALL ME. HAHAHA.

My brother turned 15 on the 19th of May. I'm a horrible sister for posting this so late. HAHA but i'm not cos i'm the best XD That was so weird.

The birthday cake.

Ti ti, me and my mum.
I've asked ppl, and so far i'm the only one that calls my brother that. As in, usually the younger sibling calls Jie or Kor not the other way around. But my brother calls me Fen and i call him Ti Ti. Haha.
I swear facials are not as nice as they sound. Hahaha.
I wanna go out =/
Sparky XD

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