Saturday, May 9, 2009


Omg, i haven't started studying O.O This time sei gan d la.
So, today's Mother's Day. No mood to celebrate maaaan. Will be bringing my mum out to lunch. The flowers aren't here yet though.
EH, there are seriously like so many movies i wanna watch!

SHIA LABEOUF!!! And guys, i know you want to see Megan Fox. I really liked the last one la. It's like after i got out of the cinema i was like WHOAAAAAAAAAAA

Damn mafan to upload posters la. But i wanna watch Harry Potter, Public Enemies, Terminator, 17 again and and and ya la there are a lot more movies. I STILL haven't watched Wolverine and He's Just Not That Into You 0.0 I wanna watch laaa.

Do you read the papers everyday? I used to, i think. Hahaha but now i don't. It's like i can't find the time to! I realise i seriously just like flip through the nation section =P I like all the other sections though, like star metro and the sports section.

Tjen, we HAVE to watch Roland Garros together ok. Unless.... someone doesn't make it to the finals =( HAHA DONT KILL ME. Nevermind, at least we can curse Nadal the whole time XD

I know i shouldn't be talking abt our 2 week holiday cos out exams are like, next week, but hahaha i love thinking abt AFTER exams =P I don't think i'm going anywhere=( hahaha. Cos like only a week overlaps with my brother's holiday. And most of my friends are doing A-lvls.

Don't let me rot at home=(

I wanna go to a beach! Redang was seriously fun, snorkeling and all. Sigh. Yesterday, i went to Centrepoint with Ben, Carmen and Matthew to get flowers for our mums, and we just sat outside Bernard's and just took in the sun and the wind. SOOOO NICE MAN. Then we pretended we were at the beach. Haha, the car sounds were the waves XD EH it felt good ok.

DONT TELL ME YOU DONT WANNA GO. Can get tan somemore=P Sometimes i dont understand why ppl prefer to be fair, i don't see why ppl think it's nicer la that is. ahaha, i mean i really like being tanned more. It's easier also! I mean if you want to be fair, in college have to keep finding ways to avoid the sun, like walk here and there under the shed *cough*kim*cough*

Sigh, i love holidays=P

Oh shit, and i have to like seriously start driving more often. Confidence lvl damn low man for parking O.O So that i can drive to school and back and not have to walk home after school from where the bus drops me. ITS LIKE HOT LIKE SHIT OK. Everytime reach home it's like i just ran a marathon only.

Change is inevitable. FUIYO GENG LINE. I mean things change everyday. You change your underwear everyday, you change your socks, hahaha i dont know why i sd those stuff.

I mean, ppl change, and i've seen ppl change la. Who hasn't? I find it quite amusing la, like maybe you know this person to be a goody-goody, but then you see the person after awhile, and the person' turned into this like gangster person. OR you like hated this person, but when you meet the person again, the person's like turned over a new leaf and could even become your good friend.

There's nothing wrong with changing, it could be for better or for worse. Aiyo, i wrote all those but haha what i'm trying to say is i don't think i've changed. I mean not much la as far as i know. I should ask my friends. HAHA. According to my mum i'm becoming worse and worse =/ But i guess i mean not change much in terms of, of, um, like how i express myself, how i want to and what i think is right.

I seriously do not really care about what other ppl think of me (ok i do but it depends who), i mean i'm not afraid of being who i am and all la=P I guess you can say i'm confortable being myself and i like it =P I've lived 17 (plus) years of my life and i've met ppl and have the most amazing friends, who accept me for who i am, so ya XD But i'm not saying i won't change my flaws la duh, i mean like i sd ppl are always changing.

I guess the message i'm trying to portray (but failing to =P) is, i don't think ppl can expect ppl to change just cos they don't like that part of of a person. I mean, i can't tell you to like, change cos i don't like that part of you. Omg, if things like that happen, maybe everyone would be almost the same, cos your personality wouldn't be able to shine through the layers of what you are trying to be 0.0 I think ppl have to learn how to accept ppl for who they are FIRST before trying to change the person.

Ben, you can take your red pen out now XD

YEES, the flowers are here! Of course, my mum loved them=P Will post pictures up later. Going for lunch soon.

EH, i seriously never thought i had so much to say. Maybe cos it's always stuck in my head=P hahahaha. Maybe cos i've typed them here, there is more space in my brain for Chemistry 0.0 HAHAHAHA. Sound so bimbo man =P

I like this picture =P

P.S. Nat, cannot put i like ____ meh? hahahha.

Sparky XD

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