Friday, May 8, 2009


WA, i start this post with a picture of Tze Hong. Geng right XD So poser somemore. HAHA.
I won't go into detail abt the celebration la cos it was, tiring =P So me posting abt it will only remind us of how tired we were. But it was fun XD I mean karaoke-ing and listening to the guys sing 'Loving You' was hilarious. I guess the best part was the company=P

We should totally compile pictures we take in carparks. At the rate we're going to Sunway, we'll probably be able to make a very thick album. HAHA
Blowing the candles. The candles were like almost, not there by the time he actually blew them
HAHAHA. They pushed Tze Hong's face into the cake. But it was still edible la. Hahaha. By the way, it was tiramisu from Secret Recipe.
Shou Yee (sp?) and Harin. I think this is a REALLY nice picture. I mean, their smiles are like so genuine man!!! They look like good boys. HAHA. Jk
Oh, but i really like Calvin's pout man. HAHAHAHA. Pro camwhorer XD
Shou Yee and the bday boy!!!!
The guys.
Nj and jitve. Hahaha, jitve trying to look cool at a bar =P Sorry la used flash so couldn't see the light effect, which is why it doesn't look as if you're at a bar. ahha

Jitve and Yit Guan. Awwww they look cute la.

Yit Guan and Joanna. At KFC. ahhah. Guess they weren't tired enough to take a nice pic together=P

Oh, me and Tze Hong. With Jia Yang's hat.

Another one for the memories=P

On another whole different note

There's something you should know abt me la, i'm damn calculative abt money one=P hahaha. Ask my good friends and they'll tell you i am. As in i don't like it when i come back and i count my money and i realise i lost like some money from dunno what, i HAVE to know what i spent it on. It's not in the way that i hate it when ppl don't pay up or when ppl forget to pay me back though. I have no problem with that, just that i don't like asking ppl for money 0.0 a bit not nice la.

I mean in the type of situations where like, ppl don't pay extra for the tax. You HAVE to know there is something called service charge and gov tax man. Cos if you don't pay your share and someone collects from everyone and pays for the WHOLE bill, the sum won't be enough and we won't know who didn't pay enough, which usually results in someone having to just pay extra for nothing.

I lost some money ytd =( Sigh. dunno how much exactly but enough for me to notice. Cos i used my own money to give back change to some ppl for the karaoke. As in the RM6 for ppl who gave me RM20 ( the karaoke was RM14 each). So when they gave me RM20, i gave them back the chnage and put the RM20 into the bill. Which means i didn't get anything back. Aiyooo. My fault la i didn't gao dim it properly.

Do NOT i repeat do NOT give me a weird look the next time we go out and we're all chipping our own share for the bill =P

Omg i seriously damn pokai d. Aiyoooo, spent RM130 for flowers man for Mother's Day. See what a great daughter i am. HAHA. Honestly i don't think i am. I mean compared to other ppl. Fuiyo emo lines. Ya RM130. They better be nice when they deliver them tomorrow. Omg my heart is seriously hurting from the money spent maaan. SHIIIIIT. But i mean it's a small token to what my mum's done for me i guess. Ok not i guess, i KNOW.

My dad works overseas so my mum is like doing double duties man. And i think she's been doing an amazing job=P She works full time (i ask why and she's like, 'if not how to spend money on you all?'), has time to fetch us around, spend time with us, knows almost everything that goes on in our daily lives and of course NUMBER ONE DUTY. NAG AT US. HAHA. Seriously la, but i mean it in a joking way in this case. So, thanks mummy=P

TI TI, YOU PAY FOR MUMMY'S DINNER AH XD (he doesn't read my blog i think)

Was having a convo with my friends just now. We were talking abt whether being happy, rich, smart or healthy the best. We did not reach a conclusion cos we didn't agree but omg i got really hyped up abt the whole thing=P

When i was young being rich was never something i really thought abt, as in i didn't think it was important la, but now. Hahaha i totally think being rich is an important goal in life. I mean if you're rich, you can get anything you want! If you're sick you can afford medication, don't talk abt AIDS la but who knows you can fund for research and find a cure. If you wanna go for a holiday. Buy a plane to get there. Not smart enough to accomplish things, HIRE someone to do it for you. You break something, buy another one la. EASY. hahaha.

Being healthy. Somehow i don't think health weighs as much as the other 3, but to have the other 3 you have to be able to LIVE through them first right =/ I thought so. I mean, if you were rich and smart but you had this horrible disease which stopped you from walking, or moving around properly, or having to have a machine stuck to you your whole life, i think it would be torture, and probably ending your life would cross your mind often, which would make your life miserable.

Smart. I think being smart can bring you a LONG way. I mean if you're smart i don't see the problem in getting rich. If you're smart enough, you can probably discover the cure for diseases. Bottom line is, being smart can bring you anywhere la.

We all chose different points i think. HAHA. But i totally think being happy is the MOST important=P I mean, the point of wanting to be rich is so that you can get things that you want, which will make you happy. If you're healthy, but you're unhappy, you'd probably think of ending your life too. However, if you're dying from cancer but you're happy, you'll die happy and all you leave behind are good memories =P You could be the smartest person in the world and contribute a lot of your knowledge to the world, but if you're not happy doing it, you won't feel the satisfaction =/ so you won't be happy la.

But if you're happy. You're happy=P I mean it couldn't be simpler. You could be poor but happy right? You could be dumb but you'd be happy (cos you probably wouldnt notice what's happening around you but STILL happy=P) AND if you're sick, and you're happy. HAPPY LA. ahhahahahah. Eh seriously laaaa. Just...isn't being happy like what ppl want? I want to be happy=P

I like popcorn.

Sparky XD

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