Saturday, May 23, 2009



The only bad thing about the hols is that our outstation classmates are well, outstation =P

And we won't have to study =( SO sad XD

So being the cool ppl that we are (hahaha) we went to genting straight after we finished our last paper.

Took the 3.00pm bus from One Utama.

Nj and Tze hong.

The rest of the ppl on the bus.

Before the cable car.
Wei seong.

Hehehehe Tze hong scared of heights! A bit la =P

Nam Jhuen who's scared of cockroaches. HAHAHAHA. no la a lot of ppl are scared of them. Just wanted to laugh.

It was quite misty when we got there la. But at night the skies were quite clear.

Before embarking on the Cylcone ride.

Hahahaha jitve! Dont be scared =P

Nj, Tze hong and Yit guan were right after.
Go kart!
Shower caps! They found it on the floor and thought it was cool to wear them so they did.

Spaceshot. We were all talking abt how the girl's hair got stuck in the thing and her skincap came off =/

AFTER the ride.

Haha me and shang shen and joanna were screaming on the way up AND down.

Nj and Jitve.

We met up with the rest at abt 7 ish. But all the rides were like closing =(

So we went to eat KFC.

After dinner they wanted to play the Flying Coaster so they did. Hahaha some of them went like twice man!

Bumper cars were like THE best thing to me when i was young. But i didn't go play laaa. =(

See our class. While lining up also can take pictures.

We have this thing abt Starbucks. I DONT KNOW WHY. We're always joking abt going starbucks cos it's too expensive XD

Awwwww. HAHA.

Oh. We kinda missed the last cable car. We ran like mad ppl around the hotel man!!! Tiring. So we took the shuttle bus instead at 11.15pm. The ride was quite siao. HAHA, it's like u can oversee the Petronas towers and all. But the only thing separating the us from falling to our deaths were small railings.
Went back to the apartments at Awana. Played cards and all lo. I usually HATE the cold water and like cannot tahan one but dunno why that night eventhough the water was like COLD, it was quite refreshing =P
Woke up at 9 ish the next day. We had to go searching for food cos the buffet was like quite expensive. The guys even went swimming.
The apartments were really comfortable =P


Nice pose guys XD From where one ah?
Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate winslet. Oops i meant Shang shen and hee leng =)
We took the 3.15pm bus back to one utama. I think almost all of us slept the whole way =P

We went Sushi Zanmai for dinner. Hahaha went there the day before also.

You wen, ben and wei seong.

Nice pic=P Joanna so happy ah.

Us before Cyclone. All black and white man.

Group pic!!! Sorry la small from here =/ Another one for the memories =)
Thanks alot to everyone who made the trip work!!!!
Especially Hee Leng, Kar Shie, Shang shen and Jia yang =P
On another note, STUPID UNI APPLICATIONS! I don't understand why i have to do them so early =(
Hahaha 10 to the power of diamonds and diluted water?
Sparky XD

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  1. omg. it's a miracle fen. the ratio of the photos and words in this post are like proportionate!