Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Started off the day with tennis at Tropicana with matt. WOOHOO it was fun =P
Then went to village park for breakfast la. Yummy XD

Decided to meet up with tcw, lauren and chris for lunch at Bangsar Vilage 2's Delicious. Hahaha haven't been there in awhile d.
Hahaha matthew thinks he look very yeng wih his glasses XD
Nice smile matt =)
hahahaha ch'n-wen!!!! She's gonna kill me =P
Chris. Hahaha he and matt looked like a couple when they walked side by side in the mall cos they both wore green =P

Sorry Lauren no other better picture of u =P AHHAHA.

Tcw and Lauren.

Me and tcw!!! Hahaha i like this picture.
YES! No mould in sight. So i haven't started rotting yet =P
Hope u guys are enjoying ur holidays!
Sparky XD

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