Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soulja boy

Hahaha shou yee was teaching harin how to do the dance XD

Sigh, haven't been bringing my camera around lately, so no pics la. Too busy TRYING to study and all.

Omg exams are like in 3 days and i've never been so unprepared in my life. like REALLY. and it was only yesterday that pn Mahani gave us that oh so motivational talk.


I know i know, it's only 3 days, study hard for like the next 4 days then we'll be free! But getting myself to open my books and actually do something is like, super difficult man. It disgusts me to think how i've become like this =/


Went to college again today after physio. More productive than staying at home but still, not as productive as i would've liked.

You know my first choice was to do culinary arts? But my mum didn't let me =( sigh. I could be like, cleaning up a kitchen now =/ or baking stuff XD sigh i haven't like baked in 918347891365 years!!! I like it la, it's like stress-relief =P If i ever become an architect, i'm gonna design my own restaurant =)

Sigh, have to go TRY and study now


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