Friday, May 15, 2009


Not. HAHAHA. It's 8pm now and i'm at the library with ss, yit guan, tze hong, joanna, jia yang and jun chuen trying to study.

Aiyo, exams are next tue and we're all like, not studying like siao yet.

Pn mahani, our chem teacher, totally spent chem class today tellling us not to give up =P It was a really good talk, hahaha she can become a motivational speaker d la XD Cos she sd alot of students were coming to her saying like 'AIYO TEACHER DIE D LA I FAIL MY INTERNAL ASSESSMENT!' But she totally changed how we all feel abt doing SAM, cos i think we were all like DIE MAN d. The things she sd really hit us la.

Omg, i think i almost teared!! HAHAHA. Omg, when she sd 'at the end of the year, when u go into the hall, u won't be sitting with ur class anymore, u'll be going in as individuals, not as S1.' i was like =( sigh.

Then she sd 'don't laugh so much cos in the end u'll be crying a lot also' I think as in dont play too much la cos you'll regret and all. and i tell u ah, the WHOLE class turned to me. HAHA. Then she sd, 'dont love someone too much, and dont hate someone too much also, cos in the end u will fall in love with that person.' and the whole class turned to me again =.= cos of victor la. HAIYO

Oh ya, and she sd positive thinking is a very important thing also, cos u can't be going like 'die la' cos if u do, surely die one =P

I think i can say i'm quite a positive thinker XD But i've met some ppl who are like, i mean i'm constantly amazed at how postive they think! I tell them something bad that affects all of us, like how we're gonna finish something, and they totally tell me something that makes me go WHOA, because i'm thinking HOW CAN THEY BE SO POSITIVE?! But i'm grateful that i know ppl like them cos my they change my perspective on things =/

Like how i used to think i could always handle things on my own la. But now with college and all, like i sd the world got bigger and i guess i can't =(

Fuiyo damn emo XD

HAHAHAHA ben sd the number of words in one of my post is more than the number of words in his whole blog.


yitguan is here

I don't like ppl whacking me

Sparky XD

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