Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Was having dinner with tze hong, harin, you wen, yit guan, joanna and jun chuen at the restaurant opposite the vegetarian restaurant, and like there were these uncles laughing like there was no tmr. *cough* when tze hong and harin grow old, surely like that one XD but it was seriusly damn annoying. Cos their laughs were like.. HAHAHAHAHAHA. SO not like mine =P

You know, my mum thought of making me stay near college, to become independant and all XD I was like CRAZY AH?! It doesn't sound like such a bad idea now, but don't think i will la. I'll probably die =P

I love talking, and i'm sure a lot of you didn't know that XD ANYWAY, haha we've been talking during our study group thing (today was better, studying i mean) and quite interesting la the stuff i've found out. Hahahaha. I'm sure we'll talk more when we go Genting. It's like we don't know the details but i guess it's on right? Hope it is.

I've been thinking about the hardest things to do. To me, one of them is saying sorry. I SERIOUSLY find it super difficult to say sorry, especially if i don't think i'm wrong =/ don't you think so?

Another thing is letting go. Like letting go of the puppy you really really want at a pet store. (haha tjen i bet you're like gagging =P) No, i mean like letting go of a crush (i mean the person you like la but crush easier), or sweet memories you wish would never fade.

How do you even let go of your crush? I don't think there is a manual for it la duh, but i'm sure we all think it's damn difficult to do. You can't like 'I WANNA FORGET YOU' then forget already right =/ if it were that simple ah, everything would be.. simpler=) I guess it's just one of those things that will happen over time, or if you suddenly find someone new.

Don't tell me you've never felt like 'I wish this would never end.' I always feel that way when i'm with the ppl i wanna be with, no matter where la. Sadly, time passes like 10 times faster when you're actually enjoying yourself =/ Is that why 5 months have passed so fast? sigh.

EH, i was seriously DAMN scared of Mr David today ok. I thought he was suddenly gonna take out a gun and do a Virginia Tech. SIAO AH. shit i was damn scared ok.

OMG THE LIBRARY BOOK LENDING THINGAMAJIGGY IS DAMN COOLLL. HAHA. Yit guan they all were teaching me and i was so fascinated man =P Damn bimbo. Yit guan asked me 'wanna buy one and put in ur hse?' OF COURSE I WANT =.= hahah siao meh.

Hahaha, i found it so funny when Harin was looking at me with this amused look on his face. It was even funnier when he told me it was because i concentrate more on eating my food than studying XD

I like studying

Sparky XD

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