Monday, May 11, 2009

No pictures this time=/

I think i'm the type of person who gets affected emotionally very easily. I mean, like if i see ppl like my friends or whoever i care about sad, i'd be sad too=/ I guess you could say the same if their happy. I dunno if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but i think it helps you understand feelings better, like you can relate to ppl better regarding feelings. That's what i think.

Tze Hong just told me i left my essay notes in the library. SHIT. No excuse to not do, but aiyo. SHIT

I know ppl always say their happy if their loved ones are happy, but i bet most of the ppl who said that was when THEY were actually the ones that were making their loved ones happy. no meh?

I mean, if it was someone else making them happy and you were just watching, wouldn't you be at least a BIT jealous that YOU'RE not the one over there that was making them happy =/ Of course there are ppl who would like do anything to make their loved ones happy, including letting other ppl make them happy instead of you being the one, but i honestly think there are very little of those type of ppl, cos alot of us are selfish XD REALLY.

I wish i could be part of the small group of ppl =P I'm trying to maaan

So, went to the ADP building library to attempt a group study thing with Yit Guan, jitve, joanna and kai ping. But in the end alot of other ppl came too. Wei Seong, Tze Hong, CK, calvin, jun chuen, you wen, harin, kimberly. Think that's it. Aiyo, study group become GOSSIP GROUP la. At least for me, wei seong, calvin, CK and tze hong =P Was fun, but i didn't do much.

I had wind in my stomach =(

Sparky XD

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