Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SRSLY super lame. sigh. i haven't been blogging :( and ya all my pics have been uploaded on fb:)

it's the 2nd day of uni anddd, hahaha i fell asleep in my first 2 lectures ytd XD die d la. better not go on. i srsly do not know what the problem is =.= it's only a 1hr lecture!!! mei de jiu d.

today was better :P but my class started at 8am so i had to wake up at 6.30am AND walk to uni =.= the weather's been cold. AHH. like 15C? and the wind is strong ok, which makes it even colder :( im gonna die during winter. ahhaha.

and omg i WISH the village provided meals =.= like it'd srsly be smt VERY convenient lo. the reason i didn't choose i place with meals was because they were all residential colleges, which are older and have ALOT of rules, and u share the bathroom with like, the whole dorm? haha. and the village is new, u have ur own bathroom (depending on whether u choose a townhse or apartment), AND there are no rules XD except for how u jaga the place and all la. which is ok. but srsly lo, thinking abt what to eat and having to prepare stuff definitely takes up quite alot of time =/ and yala srsly lo. sigh.

i have an assignment due fri :( i know i know, u ALL have assignments also XD but like, it's before the FIRST lecture of that subject!!! so weird. sigh. and i have readings XD as in there're pages from an architecture encyclopedia and all that we have to read every lecture. they're ok. interesting, but i take AWHILE to read:P sry la my english not good enough. i think i have to re-read it again, cos hahaha i didnt FULLY understand it XD and yeah have to read my textbooks also. they were so expensive :( but compared to other courses i guess mine's much more worth it. cos i have less textbooks, like 3, and i use them for a few years and not just the semester. but for architecture we spend on stationary lo :)

hmmm. i guess im settling in? but today i felt a bit bored :( like i came back to the room, did some stuff, got ingredients ready, went down to read, went up to cook, then shower. SO BORING =.= cos the friends i made, diane, clement and tianning are all in commerce, and they ended at 7pm. haha. i went to chinatown to meet up with them after loooo.

i srsly have to make more friends wei. sigh. i hang out with like 2 girls in the same course, and one stays here too, but a BIT not ngam lo XD like she's really nice, buttt nahhh. IM SO MEAN. srsly HAVE to make more friends :( i dont even know anyone who's going to be in the same tutorial as me tmr T___T i srsly very shy to talk to ppl. ARGHHHHHH.




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