Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ok. i was kinda hysterical just now.

cos ya im going to sydney. and i havent gotten the books from the library, that i NEED for my research. which means i might as well not consider them part of my sources d. cos by the time i get back from Sydney. i have to already be done with my assignment. OMG. and i need to collect smt next tue? and i'll still be in sydney. omg.

and the 4 hrs i spent on the model? wasn't even likee used. we only looked at it for 10secs. then can d. OMG. and i only got 1/2 and 1.1/2 for my prev 2 tutorials. that is SO BAD. and i got really depressed cos they were follow ups to my birdhide project. anddd since they sucked, MEANS GOT SMT WRONG LA WITH WHAT I WANNA DO. crap mannn.

i have alot to do during my break, or what they call a 'non teaching break' wtf man =.=


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