Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's like, we always watch it in movies, read it in books and whatever, abt appreciating what we have now? likeeee when someone in the movie dies or smt and ppl go NOOOO and cry and cry and cry, which makes us cry? and feel like OMG we have to be grateful with everything we have now? but like to me ppl take stuff for granted ALL the time lo =/ like im sure if anyone HAS to leave to somewhere right this moment, they'd definitely have lots and lots of things they wanna do before they leave.

like i had a dream once abt me dying, and i was like OMG i have so much stuff to do!!!! i think it was during form 4? and i wanted to do SO MANY things. i wanted to say SO much to alot of ppl, i wanted to like do SO many things!! like i wanted to watch a movie (during the present it would be movies like Alice in Wonderland, Dear john, Hurt Locker, Green Zone, The Last Song, i mean ID FEEL SUPER SAD ABT NOT BEING ABLE TO WATCH ITTT), and i wanted to like, run? AHHAHA. and likeee, omg i just had so many things to do.

SO RIGHT. what im trying to say is like, ok i actually dunno what i wnna say, but it's along the lines of, dont put things on hold? and likee haha ben, live like we're dying XD

but ya like ben sd also, if we lived like we're dying? surely die d. AHAHAH. like i'm not gonna like go tell the guy i like now OMG I LIKE U, or likeee go rob a bank or smt. AHHAHA.

i always thought the ppl who thought they were gonna die, and like quit their job, spend all their money and all? damn zha dou wei.

this post is srsly getting out of hand. i have no idea what im talking abt HAHAHA.


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