Monday, March 22, 2010

The Devil is in the Details

ahah u have no idea how many times i heard that over the weekend!!! XD

Ok so i got my mac back, but it's not fixed. STILL =.= like there's smt wrong with the ram so i'll have to replace it. i have to bring it back to the shop on thurs cos they didn't have stock ytd. oh welll. im using it now though, YES no more having to go to the com room :D

ahha i just downloaded limewire too, so i'm like on a downloading spree :D

OHH ya i missed my lecture this morning =/ it was an 8am lecture. and haha i slept at like 3ish am XD soooo i woke up at 6.30am, but thennn i l kinda wanted to lie down for awhile more? then hahaha next thing u know, michelle is calling me and it's already 7.30am :P it's like a 25min walk to uni laaa, so i wouldve been late for lecture d. it's only an hour lecture and the next class i had was at 2-3pm, AND the record lectures. soooo i just decded to not go :P

haha i was SO excited that i talked to 2 new ppl ytd!!! And i smiled at my landscape narrative groupmate and he smiled back!! AHAHA yes i dunno it just feels so nice when u go to uni and u see more and more familiar faces :):):)

oh but i have like quite alot of assignments XD one is SOOO SAMish lo =.= like look for resources and prove the topic. but this time there're footnotes and endnotes, anddd min 10 sources. anddd they really dont encourage website. yeeer. :P

and i had a lecture on sun studies today. like abt equinoxes, latitudes, snow domes. it was really alot to take in in an hour lo O.O anddd haha michelle and all were going quite berserk worrying abt our site analysis which we have to pass up in our next tutorial. it's like worth ONE mark, but the effort and final product looks like it should be worth AT LEAST 10marks =/ and our lecturer REALLY doesn't sound like she wants to help us =.= like she NEVER directly answers our questions?? she directs us somewhere else to go look for it. which is, kinda lame cos she can just tell us?? and it's not stupid questions!!! srsly. chehh.

ok i should go do my work now:P


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