Sunday, March 7, 2010

omggg im getting so used to coming down and using the com in the lobby to reply emails/fb/tweet/blog instead of doing my work =.=

I JUST WATCHED THE OSCARS!! MUAHAHAHAH. i wanna watch The Hurt Locker, and im SO HAPPY SANDRA BULLOCK WON! The Blind Side is a really nice movie k:) go watch.

I cooked lunch today:) ahhahaha. i mean i've been cooking la. haha. it was yummy, but i've concluded that the reason the food is yummy is because we're cold and hungry students who can't afford to be picky abt food d XD haha.

omg it's like 4.24pm already!!!! I woke up atttt 10.30am today? Breakfast, com, oscars, lunch, oscars, and com. wa damn lifeless lo :P gotta finish up my postcard thingy, then finish up on my readings and do a research on a site. i had the whole long weekend to do all those lo!!! now im left with less than half a day O.O FAIL WEI. i know it's no point talking and no action, but likeee omg i have to prioritise maaan. cos i've been so used to replying emails starightaway?? but now i have to keep telling myself to finish work FIRST before com =.= hope it works lo. sigh.

ok gtg, BAI :P

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