Friday, March 5, 2010


hahahaha. omggg it rained ytd and it's raining noww. like it's COLD, GLOOMY and WET. in msia it was GLOOMY and WET. this sucks.

Went jogging today at Torrens River. it was 17C? quite cold:( The track was SOOOO LONG. like i jogged maybe half or less than half and i wanted to die d T__T so sucky. haha. the air was hard to breathe in too cos it was cold? and i guess the colder weather makes my muscles feel tighter than usual. Does it?

But ya, back in msia, i think i wouldve worked up quite a sweat after a jog like that, but here, i think there were only beads of sweat on my forehead =.= which is annoying. cos i like judge how hard i've worked based on how much i sweat (as in like psychologically convince myself the more i sweat, the more i've exercised?), so since i only sweat so little, it feels like i didn't do anything lo =.= now im kinda confused abt how tired im supposed to be, or am i supposed to be tired at all.

ahhaah ok it sounds very childish and lame but i DO so lo!!!!

Came back at around 10.30am. Then i did my laundry (ehhh please tell me if drying under permanent press or whites and colours is hotter? and how likely will my shirts shrink?) which im still not so sure about XD like today i washed everything (jeans and shirts together), then dried them first under permanent press, THEN whites and colours, and i think they turned out drier than the last time compared to when i dried both times under permanent press. DO U UNDERSTAND WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT??!?! oh and my shirts didn't shrink this time too.


Went to Central market to do some grocery after. I'm actually very lazy to cook d XD like last week i cooked kangkong belacan and curry, and it was fun, but i mean i wasn't busy. i mean, i can just pack lunch everyday (weekdays i mean) and buy dinner!!! I dont have to cook also :( See, if i cook, i have to:
- think of what to buy on grocery day
- remember what i bought and when they expire
- take the time to prepare the ingredients
- cook

i meannn, it's not THAT mafan la, but ya i think it's mafan enough to consider not doing XD i know its healthier though. and if i buy food, it'll definitely be more expensive, but it'll save time! and time=money right :P ahahah. omg that was lame.

Was supposed to go to another beach, but then it HAD to start raining =.= i've been bored and sleepy since 4? ahhaha. SO LAME LO. i know i couldve gone to sleep, ahha but i like put all my laundry on my bed cos they weren't COMPLETELY dry (they're never completely dry =.= stupid dryers, oh shit take that back later my shirts shrink XD oh wait i should just cancel this sentence cos it's like im deliberately leaving it there for ppl to read and the dryers will know, aiyo nvm la. WHAT IF IT REALLY HAPPENS?! toot very scared to dry my clothes d) , so i was lazy to like fold them THEN sleep. hahaha.

OMGGGGGGG THIS POST IS SOOOO BORINGGG. like i'm just rambling. which is actually what i do all the time :P



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