Monday, March 15, 2010


SURPRISE SURPRISE, i got annoyed again XD

Like honestly lo, i didn't ask the person to follow me, then follow me that time complain wo =.= and like WHO SAYS U CAN FOLLOW ME!?!? Say wanna go eat, then say wanna hang out with me =.= like HELLOOOO there's smt called privacy =.= if i wanted the person to follow i'd ASK the person right =.=

I mean, there are ppl here who like invade ur personal space one ok!!! Like ure on the com, on fb, twitter, msn, which are like personal stuff, and u have ppl coming to sit next to u, and asking u whether they can sleep there. NO U CANT =.= GO BACK TO UR ROOM LA. i say can't u sleep there? and the person will say 'no, i like to talk to ppl before i sleep.' LIKE WTF!?!?!?

and like, i realise i really really cannot stand bad company lo O.O like i just give really short and curt replies?? and it's like damnnnn obvious. especially if it's only 2 ppl, and i dont like the person? walao eh, jialat d. ppl should realise and like, back off right?? like i think ppl here are DAMN blur. srsly. like i think most of them are sarcastic? but the ppl here like.. dont get the sarcastic remarks. and i dunno laaa, sometimes i wanna say smt sarcastic, i dont, cos i know they won't get it =.= ahahha ok nvm i got clement tianning and diane :P

if anyone from the village reads my blog, hahaha i die d la :P


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