Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just read xian hui's blog, and like, omg i feel FREAKING OLD.

Like, OMGGGG 19(ok GOING to be 19)?!?!?!? Uni?!?!?!

me + 19 + uni = ?? they DO NOT go together wei srsly.

I mean, when i was young, ok young-ER, when friends told me their relatives or whoever were in uni, the thoughts that popped into my head were like: 'old, independant, got money, old.' ahhahaa. and im like, NOT LIKE THAT LO. i totally feel 16 O.O

Im not talking about this in a mid-life(ok more like post-teen) crisis way, but more like in a EHHH WHY TIME PAST SO FAST way. i think. i actually have no idea what im rambling abt, but the point is, i feel old la :P

I guess the nice part abt like reminiscing abt my younger days (hahaha XD), is realising all the friendships i have now lo:) like srsly. when i think abt who i have as my friends now, like how far we've all come, and how we totally feel like we're gonna be friends forever? As in like the kinda friends u'd invite to ur open hse, ur wedding, ur place when ure overseas, to go on a holiday, that sort of thing. sigh:) u guys know who u are (haha this is so like lame wei, i hate it when ppl say this XD but i scared later i forget ppl's names ahahah I KNOW IM AN AWESOME FRIEND :P)

but yaaa, me thinking about it is making me smile now:D

Ok i should like totally go think abt what chores i haven't done =/ and do my work. hahah.


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