Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm like, quite tired lo now XD cos i've been sleeping so late the past few days!!! mon-3am, tue-4.30am, wed- 2am, thurs- 3.30am. OMGGGG. that's why i fell asleep in my lecture again today =.=

I swear my landscape narratives lectures are like almost pointless. he shows us pics of like landscapes in aus, some not, and asks us who built it and where is it and bla bla bla, HOW am i supposed to know!?! i've only been in adelaide for like slightly more than a month O.O and i dunno how it helps us =.= so AHHA omgg i fell asleep lo. i thought likeee maybe cos the aussie students always kinda don't do their work (really! like they go for class and are like 'we're suppposed to do that? crap.') they'd fall asleep in lectures. but no. im' the only one. O.O oopsss.

Today, i realised (again haha) that the world is like so small looo. srsly. umm not gonna elaborate on it :P but YA WEI. ok one of the things that made me think abt it is a girl i met in my course is Derek's (mozart classmate) cousin. oh ya and a guy here knows nj. anddd yala alot of taylors ppl here. anddd like YALA ppl know ppl u know and u go OMGG U KNOW HER?!?! then u might start bitching abt that person AHAHA. ok NO LA i didn't do that =.=

And u know before i came to adelaide, and my mum was always asking me to ask if any of my friends were going to adelaide as well? i honestly didn't think it'd matter? like i didn't really mind that i didn't know anyone going to adelaide. cos likeee, i didn't want to make friends a factor la, with choosing where i wanted to go for uni. but when i came here, i realise it makes alot of difference. like if i came with someone i knew (and wasn't annoyed with HAHA) the whole getting-used-to-adelaide wouldve been MUCH easier. i'm not saying it was hard or anything, but it wasn't thatttttt easy la. but i'm in a good place right now so ya :D

hahaha it's like i just typed that whole paragraph that didn't lead anywhere :P but yaaa sometimes i guess friends DO play a big part in choosing where u wanna go.


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