Monday, March 15, 2010


Omg it's like the thing i've been doing most since coming to Adelaide is:


Srsly lo!!! Likeeee, i keep getting really annoyed at some ppl?? And i guess (fine I KNOW) that it's my problem, and my problem alone :P I dont hear other ppl complaining also...

Like ok, ppl DO realise that that person is kinda annoying? but IM the one that starts talking to ppl abt it, anddd the ppl here just dont go YA I KNOWWW or like OMG UKNOW RIGHT... bla blabla. like they're all 'aiyo just chill la.' or 'what to dooo.' or 'just be patient ok?'

a bit =.= ahhahah. like i bet U all would understand :'(

I mean and it's not like i can be picky also =.= (damn mean and bitchy XD) im in a foreign country, and i'm like practically scavenging for friends. HAHAHAA. ok not so bad la :P but yeah, i guess now it's the time for me to learn to accept ppl for who they are :D awwww.

eh i never realised i was so mean and picky and... bitchy :(

But i honestly think what im doing, is just voicing out what OTHER ppl are thinking but have enough mental strength to keep it all in :P hahahaha. can put it that way right???


Oh, but i srsly cannot tahan when girls giggle =.= like for all the wrong reasons. and the ppl here srsly quite.. what one lo. There's this sri Lankan guy in my course, His name is Trishan (sp) Angelo De Silva. and like when he told my 2 msian girl coursemates he's half chinese (but he lookes totally sri lankan) they were like URE HALF CHINESE?!!? (srsly they were THAT amused and surprised) and they were like HOW COME UR NAME LIKE THAT ONE? And im like O.O never hear before meh =.= then he was explaining Trishan is a sri lankan name, Angelo is like italian or smt, and De silva is.. (he hesitated) and i sd portugese? and he was like YES portugese, and they 2 girls were like huh? portu-what? T___T and cos he sings and plays the guitar? he let them hear his recorded song (geng lo, but ididn't hear) and they were like ITS SOO NICE!!! and one of the girls was like 'it doesnt sound like u! cos ur accent not there! why like that one??' omgggg when ppl sing their accents usually dont show one ma!!!! like to me accents are kinda like singing? like the intonation and all XD (ok maybe it's just me but likee when most british ppl sing cannot hear their accents one wo O.O except lily allen) AND RIGHT, the 2 girls ALWAYS damn blur abt directions =.= they always say THIS WAY but it's the other way, and they think we already passed the shop but it's on another totally diff street =.= and somemore wanna argue. OMGGGGGGGGG.

BUT, they're nice laaa, and we help each other out. AHAHAH.

oh and i find it SO rude when ppl forget names? like i dunno laaa, i always make an effort to remember ppl's names. but there are ppl here who like after meeting u 3 times still cannot remember. a bit =.= and i ALWAYS recognise ppl but like they dont recognise u!!! it makes me feel quite =/ la cos it makes me feel like im so forgettable anddd yala. i dunno if it's cos im more observant?

i think i need to reevaluate my social skills now =/ im complaining too much abt ppl, and im forgettable :(


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