Thursday, March 11, 2010

OMGGG i played tennis ytd!! and on REAL grass somemore!!! Not fake-tropicana-grass, but like REALY grass wei!!! ahahhaha so jakun. Ok at first i was a bit WTF cos the ball bounced SO low i didn't think it could be called bouncing cos like instead of going DOINK off the hardcourt? it went like.. pfffsh off the grass O.O AHAHHAHA ultra lameness weiiii. I DUNNO WHY I DIDNT TAKE A PICTURE. NOOO. maybe i'll go again next week :D

Ok, i have SEEMINGLY less hw than like, EVEYRONE else i know lo at the village O.O like compared to the Commerce, Psychology, Science students. ok la all the other students =.= like a Med student i met from Singapore came up to me like 'ehhh what work u doing? type so much.' and im like 'uhhh im not doing work :P' and she looked like she was gonna shoot me XD ahha ok la more of like IM HERE WORRYING ABT MED SCHOOL AND HERE U ARE EMAILING/CHATTING?!?! ahaha. alot of ppl give me those looks.

and instead of telling ppl 'i did this experiment' or 'my microecons talk was SO boring.' or 'i had to carry so many textbooks today!' i say stuff like 'i drew an apple in class!' or 'im designing a postcard!' a BIT lame la haha. Like im sure ppl are thinking 'walao eh she damn free wei! no need to study one.' ahha i would think so too. but i've heard nothing but hardwork from ppl who have done this course, so im definitely like trying to get ready for when i'll have LOTS or work to do.

im not trying to convince myself or anything, i dunno, just felt like typing out what i've been thinking abt but haven't told anyone :P I mean i guess ppl can go 'wa so shuang' but if they had to do it i dont think they'd say it's like easy and simple? i dunno, it feels different to me la this whole course. cos unlike the other subs where ure told exactly what to do? as in like they tell u finish it, u finish it. but in this architecture course, it's like the final product is NOT like, how do i put it, limited to the instructions given? i mean someone could've designed smt that'll make u go WHOAAA. which i think is pretty cool.

and like nat who's started getting like vague assignments, i just got one. like i actually have NO idea what im supopsed to do eventhough the lecturer gave me like a full page of words telling us what the assignment is abt O.O hahaha. Gonna go for a 3D2N field trip next week. it's gonna involve a group assignment worth like 25% (DAMN ALOT) and it'll help with our individual assignment (worth alot also) which is the one im totally blur abt.

Kinda worried cos like there are 5 of us in the group, the half american guy dropped out, so we added this other aussie who just came back from playing soccer in the UK or smt. must be geng lo. So now there is me, a msian girl, 3 aussies (haha i still think the one with his scottish accent is damn cool, and he's funny). im not saying im like good or anything, but like the 2 aussies (excluding the scottish accent one) look like they dont give a shit lo srsly!! one's like 'im only here cos Imaging Our World (another elective) was full.' and the other like has no idea what's going on and all he cares abt is soccer. hmmm. OH and the fact that they dont look like they're gonna be talking to us much anytime soon is worrying =/ not looking forward to the fieldtrip =/

and i have another trip to the wetlands or smt next week to take measurements of this birdhide, which we then have to draft.

suddenly it feels like i have alot of stuff to do XD

oh and my lecturer HAD to pick my postcard first. and i think i got a bitttt too excited when i was talking abt the strawberries :P


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