Monday, February 22, 2010

So righttt, i was gonna start blogging a quite long post, but then Clement came over with the ingredients so i had to go help him prepare dinner XD

that was like 15min ago and ahhaha i came down and i really wanna blog d la. it just feels like i've blogged d cos ive been emailing ppl and i kinda keep telling them the same stuff XD in different words la but haha yala feels weird cos i keep telling abt what i've done over and over again?

im not sure how often i'll post up pics (haha dont run away just cos it's all words XD) on my blog cos it's much easier for me to just put them all on facebook? haha so u should just go see my pics there.

I went to Glenelg beach on sat =D the weather here changes everyday =.= haha like on sat it was dry and cloudy, and sun it was kinda colder and clear skies? and for the past 2 days it's been even colder and yup clear blue skies with bright bright sun. colder as inn maybw 25C? and the wind adelaide is strong lo!!! that's what makes me feel cold actually. and i have to wear sunglasses (smt i dont do in msia) here cos the sun's really bright. i mean not really complaining la cos i get the sunrays like in msia? (much hotter sunrays la XD) but it's cooling!!! and cos everything here is 'walking distance' (the adelaide ppl are freaking lying cos AHHA in msia i would NEVER walk that distance cos of the weather XD) it's nice la:)

Ok back to the beach XD a peer mentor brought his 5mth old siberian husky!!! omg so cute!! a bit weird la seeing a husky on the beach XD ahhah. the beach was nice, i mean ok i didn't really go near the seaside but the sand was really fine and it was realllyyy windy so we all had windblown hair? XD i wouldn't say i could smell the salt la haha. had fish and chips too! here i think the ideal fish to use is the barramundi fish. it was good, 14.90AUS for 2 quite big fillets and chips and salad. shared laa so it was ok:)
met this girl called kimberly who me and matthew ALWAYS see playing tennis at tropicana. she turns out to be my primary classmate's (i guess u could say me and my primary classmates are okay-ish cos all same class for 4 yrs) gf! a bit whoaaa but haha quite nice la to feel like u have a 'connection' with someone. AHAH maybe i DID ask for it, but she kinda ended up telling me abt all her drama XD all made me go a bit O.O cos it sounds like what ppl write in books. i mean u know when i read, i go 'this actually happens meh?!' but as i went through college, i realised they DO. like to everyone i guess. which is kinda cool. to me la.
and i got to take the tram!!! ahhaha. ok super jakun but i think nice airconditioned public transports are cool :D ahha. i bought a 10 trip metro ticket, cost 14.40 la. not bad. non student is 29 =.= siao mehhh. and each trip is actually valid for 2 hrs? as in once u use it, u get to travel anywhere else in 2 hrs and it's only considered 1 trip.

Went to north adelaide hills again on sun :D i went last thurs to meet carmen's family friends. they're super nice!!! and i found someone who like LOVES dessert as much as me!!! Aunty Wai Leng and Uncle Yan's son Mun. They have a daughter, Yin too. SUPER nice ppl. Carmen, this is probably the dunno what time ure hearing me say this XD read actually. They open a chinese restaurant in Hahndorf, a german town in the hills. super awesome. haha. brought us to eat kranskies (omg sp? i think it's wrong XD and embarrassing ahha) and walk around hahndorf. and their home! 2 horses and a cow. COOL. ahaha.
so ya on sun i brought shou yee, clement, diane and tianning up with my mum of course:) this time we went strawberry picking!!! ahhahah it was fun. and the strawberries were so nice!! Aunty wai leng and uncle yan had us for lunch AND dinner at their restaurant. yummy :) but srsly stuffed. AHAH. dessert was awesome also. muahahha.

eh when u call webcam/skype with me, better tell me if i look fatter or smt. SERIOUS. but i'll probably get emo la and dont wanna talk to u d. but ehh ya better than NOT telling me and i end up EVEN fatter right XD prevention better than cure!!!! haha.

Mon (ytd) went for my first lecture during 'o' week. together with the rest of the students in my course. i'd say 70% (at first i sd 90, then 80 XD) of the students are local. im not saying anyone's racist, but here it's pretty noticeable that the asians mix with asians and the locals mix with locals, sooo to me it's a bit intimidating to try to talk to them? like haha ya the australians are REALLY friendly, but i read in the 'life in adelaide' booklet they gave us (hahah I DID), and they sd it's just their nature so dont misunderstand (as in their nice but it doesnt mean they actually wanna be ur friend friend?) XD so i guess what im trying to say is, like what im looking for are actually friends that i can talk to and all, not just small talk. BUT then again, since they're friendly im supposed to be able to talk to them more right =.= AHHA. ok nvm.
but ya was kinda what la ytd cos i sat alone frommm 11-1pm and then 2-3.30pm. fell asleep for like 5min XD AHHAA. die d.

Another reason i was kinda =/ and :( was because the lady kept on talking abt designing and designing and designing and i dunno shit abt designing, so likee it kinda made me feel like 'WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?!' i mean i get really really excited when i see buildings and houses and restaurants (that are nice la haha) and i always go 'wa if only i could do that' and yeah i just really love it, but i mean, i dont know anything lo abt designing stuff :( and it's not like i can draw also T__T like maybee i draw roger federer (haha) but it's abt projecting my ideas on paper, or the com screen, and i CANT do that. and eventhough she sd it's ok if ure not from a design/art background, it does not make me feel better AT ALL. and it's like she just added that line without actually meaning it? ARGHH. so yala, i was really depressed.

and we have this project mosaic thing on thurs? we ahve to bring images of the places we desire, like drawings or photos or whatever, and ya it's a group work thing. she was like DONT get stressed out cos the focus is supposed to be on getting to know each other, and the seniors better (which is awesome), but im like so stressed out d. AND CLASSES HAVENT EVEN STARTED. im so lucky i take pictures, if not die la want me to draw my hse meh?! or the classroom meh?! (cos it reminds me of u ppl back home ma XD)

ok gtg dinner!!!


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