Wednesday, March 24, 2010


hahahha today is a good day :D ok maybe i should stop talking abt it cos likeee ppl might think im crazy (which i am OBVIOUSLY not haha) and i might scare ppl away also O.O

WOOO i got a 1.75/2 for my dollhse drafting thingy!! hahaha. i have no idea what im gonna get for today's tutorial cos i honestly didn't know what i was doing =/ We (me, Mitra and Falco) had to build a model for our birdhide design? But with Dualism =/ likeee we chose Solid and Perforated. hahaha i dunno how we showed the difference in our 2 designs!!!! i just ended up drawing the plan, elevation and section of the birdhide O.O i mean likeee the 2 hrs went by super fast!!!

I like wednesdays:) cos on thursdays i only have a workshop? which is like where we learn how to use SketchUp. and i usually don't have work due on thurs, so can relax on wed :) (hopefully it stays this way haha) butttt i think im gonna have loads of work soon, like a few projects going on at the same time =/ hmm.


i hope i get to play tennis tmr :(


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