Sunday, March 28, 2010

Omgggg i feel like i have so much work to do :'(

Likeee, i have an assignment due on the 8th of April (yes it's during Easter break), and i'm going to Sydney from the 2nd-8th!!! OMGGG. and it's like a SAM assignment =.= Pick a topic, find resources and extract info to prove ur topic. But this time it requires like a min of 10 resources?!?! and like they really don't like websites. so yalaaa =.= which means, i have to spend ALOT of time in the library, and i'll have to do ALOT of reading, all before i leave on Friday (cos im leaving to sydney ma), cos by then i'd have to have already photostated the pages i need from the books/journals. cos there's NO way i'm lugging loads of books to sydney!!! how am i going to enjoy the holiday :'( 500 words with like biblio + footnotes and endnotes. GAHHHH, omg omg omg die d la.

While im worrying abt that, i have likeee to prepare stuff for Wed's tutorial TOO. omggggg. like i have to make a model of the birdhide (if u dunno what it is, it's like a little hut that birdwatchers use to watch birds without scaring the birds away) i'm supposed to have already designed (a prelim design or smt laa). HOW LA U TELL MEEE?!?!! shittttt.

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