Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad day =.=

OMGGG weiii i bought a new PINK logitech mouse (WOOHOO) but i forgot to get batteries =.= i need it to use Sketchup. it's much easier to use with a mouse la. and i have an assignment due tmr (the due date is always the next day) so i need the batteries today but im so lazy to go buy!!! oh, the last 2 weeks i didn't have my laptop so i had to stay back in uni, so that's why i wasn't whining abt not having a mouse or whatever :P IF u were wondering AHHAA.

and, i got so lost in my workshop this morning =.= using sketchup. likee i kept zoning out!!! GAHHHHH. i dunno why :( and like the last 2 weeks i totally knew what i was doing, and when i didn't i just used my common sense then can d. but today's one i was like WHAT am i supposed to do T____T sighhh.

AND RIGHT, tennis got postponed again :'( i have never wanted to play so badly HAHAHA. like i've been looking forward to it since last week when we postponed it to THIS week :'( it must be cos of the lack of exercise so i'm like super desperate for ANY sport =.= ohh my friend joined the uni gym! i thought abt it la, but not sure yet. I NEED the exercise wei. obese until dunno what d :'(

today is definitely a bad day =.= and i know why. cos ytd too awesome d. so it had to be balanced out by having a HORRIBLE day today :'(

i have no idea how i even thought of that.

BAI =.=

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