Friday, April 9, 2010

Sydney was fun :D

I learnt how to take the train, go for the Royal Easter Show, saw the Sydney Opera House, ANDDD learnt how to kill time while waiting for the next flight cos i missed the one back to Adelaide XD hahaha.

I couldnt wait to get back to adelaide, but the first day back, and i'm already dying of boredom HAHAHA. omgggg. like i've been watching HIMYM, time traveler's wife and i love you beth cooper (which happens to be the dummest movie EVER).

OH YAA. u all should totally go watch The Last Song. ahhaha cos of Liam Hemsworth :P haven't really gone OMG at every scene an actor's in sinceeee, i dunno when. HAHA tjen now i know how u feel when u watch zac efron in HSM :P And i like Miley Cyrus now hahahaa.

Going crabbing tmr. hope we'll catch crabs ahhaah.


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