Friday, July 31, 2009


Venue: Dave's Pasta @ 1 Utama

Me and Ch'n-wen (TCW)

Me and TCW.

Uh, me and TCW with sunglasses XD in a restaurant. HAHA.

TCW, Carmen and Joey.

Me and Joey.

Joey and Carmen.

Carmen, TCW and Joey.

Carmen and TCW.

Me and Carmen.

Carmen, TCW and Joey.

Joey and TCW.

Me, Carmen and Joey.

Carmen, Joey and TCW.

Joey, Me and TCW.
HAHA FAILED PIC. But i'm almost in the middle XD

SO. I had a BBQ at my place on Fri. Invited the whole class and a couple of friends. haha. It was to celebrate Wei Seong(28/7) and Yit Guan's(2/8) 18th birthdays. No cake though, sry =(

Wei seong and Yit guan.

Wei Seong, Brian, Jun Chuen, Victor, Wei Chuen and Jitve.

Me and Yit Guan.

Yit Guan. On a bike. HAHA.

Kai Ping and Yit Guan.

Kai Ping and Yit Guan. Again XD

Kai Ping and Wei seong. hahah wei seong.

The guys starting up the fire.

Yit Guan the only one smiling at the cam =D

Kai ping, Yit guan and wei seong NOT looking at my camera.

Me and Kai Ping.

Me and Carmen.

Yit Guan, Zhe Kai, Victor, Jitve, Kai Ping and Wei Seong.

i LOVE this pic. Wei seong (aka Megan Fox), Victor, Zhe Kai, Yit Guan and Kai Ping.

Probably one of the most relaxing parts of the night. Tze Hong, Shou Yee, Matthew and Wei Ken lazing on the couch watching What Happens in Vegas eating chips XD

Wei Seong and Ben.

Thank u all for coming =D I hope u guys had fun. Sry i couldn't layan u all =/ And thank u SO much for helping out. I really appreciate it ok. Couldn't have done it without u ppl.

Sparky XD

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