Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I realised ytd that i cannot blog with my phone =( It's like i can only type the title but i can't insert anything in THIS box. oh well =/

Maths common test tmr. I quite like statistics, so i'm at library now. GOING to study. woohoo.

I watched Harry Potter last fri. I thought the movie was good, a lot of effort was put into it la (duh =.=) with all the sceneries and how the lighting was put so that diagon alley looked like a painting. I've always wondered how they do the filming where they zoom in from high above into scenes. Like in London when the Death eaters were going through the streets. SO COOL. The script was good too, and i cried. Twice. AHAHAH.

It was creepy also =( Like when Harry touched the ring and there were all the flashbacks, Katie bell cursed, and the horcrux part.

The only thing i didn't really like was that the starting was kinda slow and the ending was like, super fast. Like, WHOA WHOA WHOA, end.


Went for Taylors Hartamas's Jog for Hope on Sat. The reception was quite good. Shirts were nice =D hahaha. The run was.. horrible. 6km doesn't sound too bad, but 6 km that consists of 50% uphill, 40%downhill and 10% even roads is NOT nice. ahhahaa. Muscles hurt man.

Went to SPCA in the afternoon. hahaha it was fun. But tze hong, ss, yit guan and joanna were a bit intimidated by the dogs. Esp *cough* tze hong. AHHAHAHA. THE PUPPIES WERE SO CUTTTE.

I have pics of the jog and spca but i'll only upload them later, later like after maths ct. Or maybe after phy ct, which is next wed, or maybe chem ct, which is aug 10, or maybe...

HAAHAH soon la.

Sparky XD

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