Saturday, August 1, 2009


haha cracks me up everytime i think abt it XD

Ok, was supposed to go check out Lenka at 1U today,which my mum let, but then i decided to go watch The Proposal instead of Lenka. THAT my mum didn't let. SIGH.

She was all 'still want to think of play ah? still think of watching movie bla bla bla' I don't understand la if she let me go see Lenka why can't i go watch a movie instead of Lenka?! It's not like i'm going for both. argh. oh well i'm not annoyed now. And she's right la, she already let me have the bbq thing. FINE SHE'S RIGHT.

OH YA AND. AND, she's always like U DIDN'T EVEN STUDY. I find it so stupid that if she doesn't SEE me studying she assumes i didn't study. Like if i go up to my room with a book it means i'm sleeping =.= SO LAAAAME LAAAA. Ok la most of the time i actually fall asleep but there ARE times like ytd when i actually studied. SO STUPID.

Anyway, bangsar is really nice now so u should go there XD

I WANNA WATCH THE PROPOSAL, PUBLIC ENEMIES AND G.I.JOEEEE. we go watch on thurs ok XD but later i ffk. again. sigh.

How to do 15 CHAPTERS of phy?!?!?! In 1 year. SEI FOR.

Sparky XD

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