Saturday, July 4, 2009

Played tennis in the morning. So fun =) And the sun was scorching hot maaan. Tan lines=(

Went to PJ Hilton to eat Japaneseeeeee. I think japanese is probably my favourite, after our msian food and italian =D

The decor was niceeee.
California roll. Ok i didn't eat that and i didn't get any other pics cos, i ate them. HAHAHA. The unagi there was yummy.

I wasn't trying to take the towel.

I was actually trying to take a pic of my brother, who was like 'DONT POINT THE CAMERA AT MEEEEE.'

Goma (black sesame) ice cream is the best maaan. I love black sesame. Especially when it's in tang yuen. U KNOW WHAT'S TANG YUEN OR NOT? Ok it's actually glutinous rice balls. hahha i like it.
I thought of something. U know, ppl like Megan Fox, their like so good looking, that ppl go 'eh they did plastic surgery ah?' It's quite unfair. I mean, it's not too unbelievable to have awesome genes right? And even if they did plastic surgery, who's complaining? (haha ppl who are jealous) They look BETTER right? Nothing wrong with wanting to look better also. Ashley Tisdale did rhinoplasty (nose job) and she looks better.
Of course plastic surgery is not something everyone wants to do la, i mean there are risks and all, but my point is, we don't have to go all 'yer do plastic surgery one la sure' right? haha.
Oh ya, and i read an article. Haha i realise this year i do more stuff. I mean, when i was in school the last time, i never really did much in class, as in, haha i was just a student, but this year i dunno, it's like i'm more active, i interact more, in class that is. I dunno why! ahha. I hope it's not me trying to fit in la cos as far as im concerned, im totally myself (maybe too much until i scare ppl away XD) and i'm not the type that does stuff that i don't like. So ya.
I was thinking la, i can't believe i'm turning 18 this year. I bet ure like ME ALSO O.O haha. I tell this to myself sometimes and im like SO OLD D MAN. Cos, uh, i don't think i act like a turning-18-this-year person. What do u think? haha. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. I mean of course i think like one, but i'm like... too siao d. haha. Ok i dunno what else to say.
I don't really like Murray and i like Roddick! ahhaha. So good for him =)
Too bad he's playing Federer on sun =(
I wouldn't mind supporting Roddick (tjen and carmen don't kill me =P) but hahah GO FEDERER!!
I can't wait for tomorrow=D

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