Friday, July 10, 2009


Sigh, study too much d. AHHAHA YEA RIGHT. I wish that was my problem. ahha.

Shit spec maths ct3 on mon worth 20%, even more than our mid term. SIAO LA SURELY DIE D.

Was gonna be on super spec maths mode tonight, but i couldn't cos i had to finish my 500 word statement on why i wanna do architecture so that i can use it to apply to uni. If i find out i don't need it by tmr in IDP, i'll kill someone. Somehow i have a feeling i'll kill someone. haha.

NO TIME LA. Ok i HAD lots of time. Too bad i'll never learn. SHIT. I always procrastinate =( OMG OMG OMG tmr have to do LOTS of spec maths d. Yipee.

I wanted to do omelette for the charity carnival. HAHA. Cos it was like super fun the last time. But i guess ppl don't really like WA OMELETTE lo. Oh well. I think the car wash idea is cool. But i wonder whether we'll do it in the end.

Supposed to go PD tmr but aiyo i decided not to la DUH cos got spec maths on mon.

I want another hol =( Aug wanna go PULAUUUU. see how la, have to go look at tickets and all.

TJEN, PENANGGGGG. It was so fun =D

This post is horrible cos it's like, enter enter enter. HAHAHA.

OMG GO GOOGLE OR WHATEVER THE OLYMPUS E-P1. ITS SO AWESOMEEEEE. sigh. Too bad i don't deserve it at all XD

I srsly wanna go watch Public Enemies. HARRY POTTER COMING OUT NEXT WEEK =D

After spec math ct 3 d ma, can go watch on thurs/fri right XD WONT FFK. ahahhahah

Sparky XD

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