Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm such a bad blogger =.= ONE week not blogging. It's a sin maaan. HAHAHA.

Sigh, what to do, i've been so busy uh.. STUDYING. HAHA. Ok la i mean i've definitely not been online as much and wasting my time. so ya it's good =D

I told my mum 15 min. hhaha.

'Eh, damn hard to find virgins la now' says Shak. Is is THAT hard to find virgins these days?

Last time i checked malaysia was still a old fashioned country la. I mean, in sec school, we had those abstinence workshops, and eventhough very little ppl took the promise cards, to me it doesn't show that ppl wanna have sex before marriage, it's just that ppl don't like the feeling of being binded my something.

U might go ' yer so lou tou and close minded' or whatever la, but i still believe in sex after marriage. haha ok maybe it's because i've never had a bf and my hormones haven't gone raging and all so i think like that, but it's almost as if ppl go =O when u only want to have sex after marriage.

I don't think there's anything to go =O abt la. I mean, a girl's virginity is still VERY important to her ma. I don't think there's a hurry to lose it so early right =/ And i guess the first time is something ppl wanna remember, so wouldn't u want it to happen with that special person in ur life - who if was so special u'd marry-than to regret it later on? Virginity cannot buy back one le.

Ya, but some ppl think otherwise la. Some might think marriage is just a formality and as long as ure with that special person there's no need for after or before marriage.

hahaha i'm like thinking, 'why did u just blog abt sex before marriage'?

On another note, i've been thinking lately. Ok, more like 24/7 minus sleeping time XD

Don't ppl feel hurt when their best friends don't tell them stuff? Hahah i know i do. But of course i respect their privacy la. Come to think of it, doesn't everyone respect ppl's privacy? Or aren't they SUPPOSED to? Sometimes i go WHAT ARE PPL THINKING when they HAVE to find out stuff that ppl don't wanna talk abt. I'm not being lansi or whatever, but i think i'm one of those ppl who really think that respecting ppl's privacy can bring ppl closer together, eventhough if it means u know less abt the person. Because i think that it builds trust.


Haiyo, never blog for 1 week and i'm all messed up d. haha.

Ok, hahah i just like blogging what i've been thinking abt XD

Sparky XD

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